Criterion AR-15 CORE Series Rifle Gas Barrels .223 Wylde - 18"/20"

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Criterion Core Barrels: 18" & 20"

The Tactical Choice for Modern Shooters

Criterion has a long history of making good and great barrels.  No shortcuts.  Lots of technical innovation.  The Criterion Core Barrels are meticulously engineered to offer a harmonious blend of performance and reliability. These barrels feature a continuous taper profile that eliminates abrupt changes in diameter, ensuring uniform heat dissipation and consistent harmonics. The result? Unparalleled accuracy and control, especially when you're using accessories like Low Power Variable Optics (LPVOs), weapon-mounted lights, and suppressors.

What sets these barrels apart is their focus on balance and weight distribution. By redistributing steel around the chamber, the Criterion Core Barrels achieve a balanced weight that enhances your control and shooting experience. These barrels are chrome-lined for extended barrel life and corrosion resistance, ensuring that they stand up to the rigors of tactical use. The .223 Wylde chamber is another highlight, allowing for the safe and reliable firing of both .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO ammunition.

Features and Highlights

  • Continuous taper profile for uniform heat dissipation
  • Chrome-lined for superior barrel life and corrosion resistance
  • .223 Wylde chamber for versatile ammunition use
  • Honed and hand-lapped rifling for optimal bore uniformity
  • Gas port tuned for suppressor and non-suppressor use

Now, let's get a bit more relaxed. Imagine you're out on the range, and you've got your AR-15 fitted with a Criterion Core Barrel. You take aim and fire, and the first thing you notice is how balanced the rifle feels. That's no accident; it's by design. These barrels are built for the enthusiast who understands that balance is just as crucial as accuracy. Whether you're in a tactical scenario or just enjoying some range time, these barrels are designed to perform without compromising on balance or handling. The best part? They're incredibly durable, so you can trust them to last, even under the most demanding conditions.


Feature18" Barrel20" Barrel
Length 18" 20"
Chamber .223 Wylde .223 Wylde
Twist 1-8 1-8
Material 4150 CrMoV 4150 CrMoV
Finish Chrome-lined, Phosphate Chrome-lined, Phosphate
Gas Block Diameter    0.625" 0.625"
Actual Weight 1.90 lbs 2.00 lbs