Mk12 SPR 18" barrel kit for Mod 0 and Mod 1 rifles

$475.00 - $760.00
may have in-stock or special order, plan on 4 to 6 weeks

Mk12 SPR 18" barrel kit for Mod 0 and Mod 1 rifles


Ready to install barrel, gas block and Ops, Inc. brake and collar

Let's face it.  When we are building a Mk12 we want everything just right.  Charlie's is here to help. Here is our short list of barrels that will work wonders for you, already coated to spec, and we have included the Mk12 gas block and the Allen Engineering long or short collar, brake and thread protector.  You benefit from our research, our testing, and clone ready barrel.

Just add this setup to your clone receiver setup, or if you are looking for a speciality Mk12 inspired look, have at it. Oh, you might also need the right handguard, optic, stock, bipod and rings.  

We have done the research.  We have purchased a number of popular barrels and put them through the test to see if we could fit the Ops, Inc or Allen Engineering collar and brake on the barrel, and then attach the AEM-5 / Ops Inc. #12 suppressor on the barrel with collar and brake setup.




We can cut to the chase.  All the barrels would accept the Mk12 gas block from either Daniel Defense or Badger Ornance.  Some took some effort, some allowed the gas block to slide right on.  All would accept the Allen Engineering long or short collar and the brake with shims But several were out of spec to accept the Allen Engineering AEM-5 suppressor.  Charlies does really understand why.  Ron Allen has supplied the SPR profile to any barrel maker who chooses to follow.  Several brands were not in spec.  Generally, this means that the measurement of the end of the threads to the shelf point where the collar attaches was not the correct distance.  Now, in talking to Ron Allen, he explained that he has been seeing a number of baffle strikes in his suppressor, but upon further research, the problem was one of two things:  1)  some rifle manufacturers were having the Ops Inc collars and brakes make by another vendor, or maybe they were making the brakes and collars themselves, but Ron tells us that they were not in spec, and were not Allen Engineeing products.  2)  the profile of the barrel was not to spec, and generally, the distance from the muzzle to the collar step was too short.  This results in the suppressor making two few turns, and the alignment against the collar is not quite right, or to make it right resulting in far too much shimming and far too little of the barrel thread actually inside the suppressor.

To get the suppressor of a Mk12 / Ops Inc / AEM-5 aligned properly is a very delicate and technical task.  The suppressor rests on on the collar, but then is threaded inside the suppressor onto the external threads on the brake.  There is a certain number of turns that are needed for all this magic to happen and the suppressor to perfectly rest on the collar, and be securely fastened to the threads on the brake.

So, Charlies brings you the short list of barrels that perfectly fit.

If you do not need a suppressor, dont't sweat it.  Many barrels will fit the gas block and the Allen collar and brake.  For most people, that is good enough.  Also, there are some rifle and barrel brands out there that are not trying to be clone correct.  In fact, one of them tells you that they have found the better secret sauce and improved upon the originial Mk12 design.  They are probably correct.  After all, the Mk12 made its way into the battlefield in 2001, so that is a long time ago, and there are better rifles and better barrels out there than the 18" SPR barrel. 






If you want to build your Mk12 to be historically, correct, then we are your huckleberry.  We have shortlisted four barrels, with hardware and gray or black coating ready to go.  Charlies is offering three different barrels:

  • Douglas 1:7 twist Stainelss Steel barrel, 17.9" in traditional gray, and custom chambered and profiled by Compass Lake Engineering, then custom coated with GunKote by Potomac Armory.  This is for the purist.  This is 100% clone correct.  If you are looking for perfection, this is your barrel.  Charlies has spent time at Frank's shop at Compass Lake.  These guys do magic with barrels, and Frank noted that the 18" barrel has caused issues over the years with excessive gas port erosion, but he has not seen that with Douglas.  You might not know Douglas for barrels, but if you are looking for perfection in your Mk12 build, you will want Douglas, and you will want the craftsmanship that Charlies brings you with Dougas, Allen Engineering, Potomac Armory and traditional gray GunKote, all in one package.
  • Criterion 1:7 twist Stainless Steel barrel, 18.0" in black, and custome chambered and profiled by Craddok Precision, then custom Cerakoted in black by Potomac Armory.  Charlie's has learned barrels, especially partnering with the barrel engineers at Potomac Armory.  Charlies and Potomac have done some great barrel design and build with Criterion.  The family that owns Criterion studied under Boots Obermeyer, the master barrel smith of the 20th Century.  So did Krieger and a few other names you would know.  Charlies gets more and more impressed with the innovation, quality and customer service at Criterion, and while it is a button broached barrel, and not rifle cut, their technology has gotten to be so good, it almost does not matter.  Paul Craddock is part of the next generation of great barrel smiths, and we have chosen Craddock because of their attention to detail, their ability to scale quickly, and the fact that we need to support the next generation of great craftsmen in barrel work, and also Paul and Ron Allen have a clear understanding of what works with Mk12 profiling.  The Criterion barrel is an amazingly good choice, and comes in just a smidge less money than the Douglas.
  • Bergara 1:8 twist Stainless Steel barel, 18.0" in traditional gray.  This is a 5.56 NATO chambered barrel from Bergara and then custome coated in Cerakote Potomac Gray, a propritary color that is a subdued gray, respectful of the original Mk 12 gray but a little darker and also in a more modern Cerakote finisih.  Beragara is a Spanish steel company, known for fine swords.  You have the advantage, as not that many gun enthusisast understand the qualtiy of button broached stainelss Bergra steel barrels, but their heritage is well known in Europe.  Here, you are getting 1:8 twist, so technically not 100% clone correct, but the truth is 1:8 or 1:7 are all great quality.  Charlies has tested the fit, and it is just as good as Douglas or Criterion for the AEM-5 suppressor.
  • Bergara 1:8 twist Stainless Steel barel, 18.0" in black.  This is a Bergara blank, custom chambered and profiled by Precision Reflex, or PRI, the guys who invented the Mod0. PRI has coated this in their black coating and made this available for Chariles at a great price.  The same great Bergara blank, but fitted and coated by PRI.




One note:  there are a number of super great quality companies who are making barrels and uppers and rifles that are Mk12 or Mk12 inspired.  Many of which, we have tested, and there are some we have not.  You should not take away that if that barrel is not listed that it failed our testing.  Some did.  There are probably barrels, other than what we have listed that will work just fine.  As we test more, we may choose to offer more.  At the end of the day, we are looking for quality and adhearance to the specifications that AE has given.  We are comfortable with the four barrels we have listed, and stand by them.  You might like another barrel.  No hard feelings.  We cannot sample everything, but we feel that we sampled enough of what is on the market to make some strong endorsements for the barrels listed.  Could we give you three more barrels that will work just fine?  Maybe, but this is a good start.

What we have listed will fit the bill for Mod0 or Mod1 builds.  We have not yet addressed the Mod H or the NSW Recce.  That will be another topic.

Enjoy with confidence.

Specifications:  each kit contains:

  • An SPR profiled barrel suitable for a Mod0 or Mod1 build, with an M4 extension, drilled gas port and crowned and threaded muzzle
  • A Mk12 gas block, ready for you to install, either from Badger Ordnance or Daniel Defense.
  • Your choice of an AEM collar and brake kit in short or long.  Short is needed for Mod0, but short or long can be used for Mod1, ModH, or NSW RECCE builds.
  • Inspected and packaged in milspec (blue) anticorrosive VCI plastic tubing by Charlies Custom Clones.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.  Since we are sponsoring this.  If you are not happy, and have not shot it, return it for a full money back refund.


Note on availabilty and pricing:  On pricing, some barrel kits might seem high, but keep in mind, you are getting the gas block, and the AEM muzzle kit, the barrel coating and Charlie's selection and handling, all in one place.  We have invested a lot of time and inventory and reserach into Mk12 barrels.  You can count on getting the right barrel.  On delivery timing, some barrels are in stock, and others need to be made, not to order, but in batches, and also tested and coated, so plan on a good 5 weeks for your barrel delivery.  Some will ship in 1 or 2 weeks, some in 5 to 8 weeks.