Geissele Super Duty Pistol 11.5" 5.56mm factory original - DDC

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Geissele Super Duty Pistol 11.5" 5.56mm factory original - DDC

Geissele Super Duty 11.5" pistol

Everything you always wanted from a short barreled weapon, now in a pistol

If you are here, you know that Charlie's has a deep appreciation for Geissele products.  But, you are also probably wondering... should I pay this much for a pistol ?  Yeah, tough choice.  This is built with purpose.  And, you know as well as we do, not that many are built.  Charlie's adivise:  If we have it in stock, snag it.  No matter how expensive you think it is, the next guy will pay $300 more for this baby.  

The Super Duty Pistol features the latest in weapon technology available exclusively from Geissele Automatics.  One of the things Charlie's loves about this pistol is the DDC.  Yes, all different shades and nothing uniform, but that is the beauty.  The other thing we love is the attention to detail.  Want something else:  the dovetail upper and rail.  Bam !!

This 11.5” pistol chambered in 5.56mm features what Geissele calls Nanoweapon coated Surefire Closed-Tine Warcomp.  Mumbo jumbo.  Maybe.  The Surefire coating was DLC, but Bill and his team decided to recoat it.  Is that good?  Not sure, but it is uinque, and we love the Close Tine Surefire Warcomp.  The Warcomp is mounted to Geissele manufactured 11.5” Phosphated Cold Hammer Forge, Chrome Lined, 1-7 twist barrel.  Do you care?  You know at Charlie's we are barrel snobs.  CHF, button broached, 5R rifleing, are all good answers.  What works best with 11.5" barrel?  Coin toss.  Geissele chose CHF and who are we to argue ?

The Geissele barrel is  precision machined and cold hammer forged utilizing the highest quality materials at G-Man's new barrel facility in North Wales, PA. The Carbine gas system and Geissele Super Compact Gas Block (with bomb-proof installation) ensures reliability and optimal performance in extreme conditions and heavy use.

Exclusive to the Super Duty line is the brand new SSA-X with Lightning Bow® trigger. This nanocoated, two-stage trigger features a wide body and bow shape that finds the perfect balance between a classic M4 trigger and a flat body trigger. At the heart of this pistol is the Geissele REBCG (Reliability Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group). This Nanoweapon coated BCG is machined from mil-spec 8620 steel, with a properly torqued and staked, chrome lined gas key. The Cam Pin is machined from advanced, medical steel known as H13 which is also coated with Nanoweapon for maximum corrosion and wear resistance. The REBCG also features extended upper rails, providing greater stability and dramatically increasing feeding reliability.

The REBCG comes with the Geissele Stressproof Bolt. Made from Carpenter 158+, directly developed with Carpenter Steel metallurgists to create a material that is cleaner and has less impurities. This makes our Stressproof bolt stronger and more fatigue resistant. The Geissele Stressproof bolt is also forged, not machined from barstock. This allows us to optimize the grain structure of the steel to yield a bolt capable of 5 times the life of a mil-spec bolt. Each bolt is rigorously inspected, high pressure tested, mag particle inspected and Nanoweapon coated.

The Super Duty lower is precision machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and features Geissele’s Ultra Duty Lower Parts Kit featuring our Ambidextrous Super Configurable safety and Ultra Precision trigger guard. A high quality mil-spec Geissele Buffer Tube with a Super-42 in H3 buffer ensures this pistol is properly tuned out of the box.

Rounding up the package is a 10.5” MK16 Super Modular Rail that mates to the Super Duty Upper Receiver via a center aligning tab that removes any chance of rail rotation. The MK16 family of rails are renowned by operators for their performance and comfort. An Airborne Charging Handle ensures smooth and reliable operation.

A Geissele Rifle Grip and an SB Tactical SBA3 brace finalizes this high-end pistol that offers the user unmatched accuracy and performance.

Offered in Version A - with 3-prong open-tine Warcomp muzzle device and black trim, and Verson B - with closed-tine Warcomp muzzle device and tan trimBoth are 100% factory original.

Also, Charlie's offers a custom pistol kit, assembled by Potomac Armory.  Very similar, using Geissele Super Duty parts, and offered at a slightly lower price point.  The pistol kit is called the Black n Tan and can be ordered here.




NOTICE: The ATF is taking comments through January 4, 2021 on how to classify AR Pistols with a brace. While the final classification is not certain, the ATF has made it clear that an AR Pistol with a brace can be a pistol, but only if the facts and how you use and equip your pistol make it more than likely that the firearm can be shot with one hand, and not supported by the other hand, and not meant to be shouldered to shoot. The larger the weapon, the larger the caliber of ammo, the heavier it is (including the capacity of the magazine), all contribute to what the ATF will likely classify as a short barreled rifle, and subject to the NFA. Also included in the ATF’s consideration is the type of optic used, and whether the optic lends it self to one hand shooting, or shouldering and a cheek weld.


We provide you this notice, as this pistol, while legal to sell as a pistol today, could be consider an SBR by the ATF. The ATF in its request for comments has indicated that it is considering a one-time free registration of any AR pistol as an SBR.


You should understand the flux of the legalities of this item and make an informed judgement as you make your purchase decisions. The full text of the ATF’s notice and request for comments can be found here, and you may also want to submit your comments, and the instructions for doing so are listed in this ATF Notice and Request for Comments on the use of Pistol Braces.





LENGTH:   11.5"
LOWER RECEIVER:                 Super Duty Lower Mil-Spec
UPPER RECEIVER:   Super Duty M4 Upper
BCG:   REBCG (Reliability Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group)
BOLT:   Geissele Stressproof Bolt
RAIL:   10.5" SMR MK16 w/ Geissele Center Tab
TRIGGER:   SSA-X w/ Lightning Bow®
BARREL:   11.5" Barrel, CHF, Chrome Lined, 1-7 Twist - Geissele Profile
GAS SYSTEM:   Carbine
GAS BLOCK:   Super Compact Gas Block
CHARGING HANDLE:   Airborne Charging Handle
MUZZLE:   Nanocoated Surefire Warcomp:  Open (Ver A) or Closed (Ver B)
LOWER PARTS KIT:   Ultra Duty Lower Parts Kit
BUFFER:   Mil-Spec 6 Position, 7075-T6
BUFFER ASSEMBLY:   Super-42 w/ H3 Buffer
BRACE:   SB Tactical SBA3
GRIP:   Geissele Rifle Grip (GRG)


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