Geissele 11.5" Pistol Black n Tan 5.56mm custom kit

kit is made as ordered, expect 3 to 5 weeks for assembly. Lower ships to your FFL

Geissele 11.5" Super Duty Pistol - 5.56mm custom kit in 'black n tan'

Geissele Super Duty 11.5" pistol in black and DDC

a Charlie's Exclusive:  Black and DDC Geissele hardware custom built into a kit

And, add a bonus QDC rail mount

If you are here, you know that Charlie's has a deep appreciation for Geissele products.  And, why do a mix and match and create a kit?  We made all the hard choices.  You choose one of three Geissele triggers that best suits your shooting style and your budget.

Yes, a Charlie's exclusive, assembled by the gunsmiths at Potomac Armory, and distributed as a kit.  We call it the Geissele Black n Tan Pistol Kit

The Black n Tan Pistol Kit from Potomac Armory features many of the same great ingredients of the Geissele Super Duty Pistol, but looks to strip out the luxury trim and give you a solid performing Super Duty pistol at a better price point.  We think we have a similar level of materials quality without some of the bells and whistles.  If you want a factory Super Duty pistol, you can buy it here.

The Black n Tan pistol kit is built upon a solid foundation of a Geissele Super Duty black factory lower receiver, with your choice of three Geissele triggers. The Super Duty lower is precision machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and features mil-spec parts kit and a B-5 Coyote polymer trigger guard.  A high quality military grade 6-position mil-spec buffer tube with a Super-42 in H3 buffer ensures this pistol is properly tuned out of the box.

Standard is the Geissele 2-stage G2S trigger.  The G2S trigger is solid Geissele performance, at reduced price point, and perfect for custom built firearms.  The G2S is a non-adjustable combat trigger that is a precision two-stage trigger and allows precise and accurate trigger control. The G2S is manufactured from the same tool steel as the SSA and the sears are also wire EDM cut. Visually, from the outside of the weapon there is no difference from the SSA and the feel and reliability is the same. The G2S however has a different way of holding the hammer pin in place, there is no laser markings, which gives your solid SSA type performance, at a reduced price point.

Also offered is the Geissele flagship 2-stage SSA trigger, and the Geissele mil-spec single stage trigger (ALG).

This 11.5” pistol is chambered in 5.56mm NATO and features a military grade Colt Hammer Forged barrel, with chrome lining and a phosphate finish with a 1:7 twist.  A military contract mil-spec 7075-T6 aluminum black anodized upper receiver, with T-markings, of the same type that Geissele offers in its URGi upper receivers provides a great mate to the Mk16 rail. A military contract nitride coated bolt carrier group with MPI tested bolt is standard.

Rounding up the package is a 9.5" Mk8 Super Modular Rail The Super Modular Rail family of rails are renowned by operators for their performance and comfort. An Airborne Charging Handle ensures smooth and reliable operation.  The Mk8 rail is notable in having an integrated QD mount near the matting of the upper receiver and the rail, both at 3:00 and and 9:00.  The Mk8 has proven itself as solid construction, having M-LOK features, and more compact than the Mk4 rail, and having a Picatinny 1913 rail only on the top.  The Mk16 rail, which is used by US Special Forces is a tad thinner.  The Mk8 rail is a solid intermediate rail between the larger M4 rail with multiple 1913 attachment points, and the Mk16 with an ultra thin M-LOK pattern and no integrated QD slot.

A B5 Coyote grip and an SB Tactical SBA3 brace in FDE finalizes this high-end pistol that offers the user unmatched accuracy and performance.


LENGTH:  11.5"
CALIBER:  5.56mm
COLOR:  Black and DDC
LOWER RECEIVER:                Super Duty Lower Mil-Spec in black
UPPER RECEIVER:  Tier-1 contract M4 Upper Receiver in black
BCG:  military grade nitride coated BCG
BOLT:  nitride coated MPI tested Bolt
RAIL:  9.3" Geissele SMR MK8 in DDC
TRIGGER:  Geissele G2S is standard, with two other Geissele trigger options
BARREL:  Colt 11.5" Barrel, mil spec phosphated, Chrome Lined, 1-7 Twist, 5.56 NATO Chambered 
GAS SYSTEM:  Carbine
GAS BLOCK:  Geissele Stainless Steel Low Gas Block
CHARGING HANDLE:  Airborne Charging Handle - Military version in DDC
MUZZLE:  A2 mil spec birdcage flash hider
LOWER PARTS KIT:  Mil-spec lower parts kit
BUFFER:  Mil-Spec 6 Position, 7075-T6
BUFFER ASSEMBLY:  Super-42 w/ H3 Buffer
BRACE:  SB Tactical SBA3 - your choice of black or FDE.  Black is default.  
GRIP:  B5 #23 Coyote grip
Back-up Rear Sight Magul GenII MBUIS polymer flip-up back up rear sight

Note:  this pistol system ships as a kit with the upper and lower in two boxes.  The upper and lower components are fully assembled.  You will need to have some basic knowledge in putting and upper and lower together.

While a magazine shows in some pictures, no magazine is provided.

A note on DDC:  The Geissele DDC color varies widely from one batch to another.  Generally speaking is it a more golden FDE color, but can also show browns and greens in the finish.

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