Colt 10.3" SOCOM profile barrel with FSB - Cerakoted FDE and BLK

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Colt 10.3" SOCOM profile barrel, with FSB - blems

Cerakoted Slate Gray/Black and FDE

These are unique, sharp looking barrels.  You would never know they are blems since the Cerakote covered up some Parkerizing errors.  Also, the Colt roll marks are not at 12:00, but off to the sides.  100% functional.  Chromed lined Colt steel barrels.

This barrel is the 10.3" thick SOCOM profile (without M203 cuts), very much like the 11.5" FBI profile, but this barrel is 10.3," in the thick profile.  This is new old stock, 2015 Colt manufactured.  This is not a cut-down. 

Factory Colt marked, "C MP 5.56 NATO 1:7" and date stamped.  Standard Colt chrome-lined, to last almost forever, and that includes throwing it in the mud.  Comes ready for a flash hider of your choosing, with standard 1/2-28 threading.  Front sight base with drilled and pinned a-frame sights. 

This barrel is an great upgrade for a Mk18 Mod 0 build, or for a custom short barreled rifle.   

This barrel left the Colt factory as a 10.3" barrel.  Our friends at Potomac Armory have installed and timed an M4 extension, and re-drilled the gas port to be the correct 0.070" port for the ultra-short gas system.  But, somewhere along the way in finding the timing of the M4 extension and drilling the gas port there were some cosmetic imperfections.  These barrels were some of the first.  You might call them guinea pigs.  Some of the barrels had some blemishes in the phosphated steel, and some have the gas port drilled off-center, where the gas port does not line-up with the Colt roll marks.  Nothing whatsoever wrong with the gas port, just the cosmetics of where the roll marks are.  Some are at 11:30, others at 2:00, etc.


Professionally Cerakoted in Magpul FDE.


Made in USA - for sale only in USA

Note on Colt 10.3" & 11.5" barrels:  Charlie's offers a variety of choices for the collector, clone-builder, law enforcement officer and shooting enthusiast.

  • Colt 10.3" SOCOM profile barrel with Colt roll-marking, gunsmithed by Potomac Armory
  • Colt 10.3" Gov't profile factory barrel
  • Colt 10.3" Gov't profile barrel, performance enhanced by Specialized Armament
  • Colt 10.3" "Crane Style" Gov't profile barrel, cut-down, gunsmithed by Compass Lake Engineering
  • Daniel Defense 10.3" Gov't profile barrel, either with low-profile gas block, Mk12 gas block, or virgin.
  • Colt 11.5" "FBI" SOCOM profile barrel, with front sight base
  • Colt 11.5" "FBI" SOCOM profile barrel, virgin


All NFA laws apply.  If you are uncertain if you can own this, check federal National Firearms Act, also with your state authorities.  I am not your lawyer.  You need to make sure you can own it.

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