Colt 10.3" SOCOM profile barrel, stripped

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Colt 10.3" SOCOM profile barrel, stripped

The stripped thick profile barrel from Colt is a Charlie's exclusive, and a great way to build a Mk18 Mod1 clone, with the barrel under the rails.

This barrel is the 10.3" thick SOCOM profile (without M203 cuts), very much like the 11.5" FBI profile, but this barrel is 10.3," in the thick profile.  This is new old stock, 2015 Colt manufactured.  This is not a cut-down. 

Factory Colt marked, "C MP 5.56 NATO 1:7" and date stamped.  Standard Colt chrome-lined, to last almost forever, and that includes throwing it in the mud.  Comes ready for a flash hider of your choosing, with standard 1/2-28 threading.  This is a stripped barrel, virgin, no FSB, and not drilled for the front sight base. 

This barrel is an great upgrade for a Mk18 build, or for a custom short barreled rifle. yes, it will fit under M4 handguards or a RAS rail.  This is an ideal barrel for a Mk18 Mod1 build, to under your 9.5" rail, like the Daniel Defense RIS-II.

This barrel left the Colt factory as a 10.3" barrel, but it was designed to be installed in Colt's proprietary monorail system.  Our friends at Potomac Armory have installed and timed an M4 extension, and re-drilled the gas port to be the correct 0.070" port for the ultra-short gas system.

Made in USA - for sale only in USA

We also offer this same barrel with a pre-installed gas block here.

We take special care in bringing you the best in short barrels, and use the best artisans, both in-house, and in our extended supply chain, when something has to be engineered to a Colt production barrel.  Our collectors and cloners will want the 10.3" barrel for historical accuracy.  The Daniel Defense is a great option, as it is now being used by US Special Forces in limited numbers, and is readily available and affordable.  For more authenticity, choose a Colt 10.3" barrel. 

Shooters and law enforcement typically choose the 11.5" barrel, as it has better overall performance, especially in the heavy (SOCOM) profile. Our LE customers tell us that they will only use Colt barrels in 10.3" to 14.5" lengths.  Colt truly does dominate that market, while other barrel companies own the long-range and sniper market.

All NFA laws apply.  If you install in an AR rifle, you are creating a short barreled rifle, which is subject to registration under the National Firearms Act.  You may use this barrel in a legal AR pistol without issue.

Note:  All ITAR regulations apply.  Charlie's deals in the real McCoy.  Your item most likely has parts that cannot be shipped outside of the USA, or owned in the USA by non-US Persons.  You take accountability to safeguard parts and the entire upper, and get necessary approvals to transport outside of the USA.