Springfield Armory SA-16A2 - Retro M16A2 Style Near Clone - 20" 5.56 Rifle

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Springfield Armory SA-16A2 Carry Handle 20" Rifle


M16A2 "near clone" with optional DoD markings and USGI sling.

It's 1983, Return of the Jedi rules the box office, Metallica drops their debut album Kill 'Em All, and the DoD adopts the M16A2. US Marine Corps requested updates to the aging M16A1 design were incorporated and type classified as the M16A2. Changes in technology, ammunition, and doctrine drove the new feature set which included a new barrel twist and contour, improved adjustable sights, the addition of the brass deflector, new furniture, and a switch to burst instead of full auto capability. Many of these features would continue into the later M16A4 and M4 models. This is one of the final fixed carry handle models as future variants would adopt the flat top Picatinny rail with a detachable carry handle or optics.

Springfield brings retro rifles back to center stage

With many different manufacturer's entering the retro and clone spaces, the choices can be confusing. Springfield Armory has been known for years as the source of the M1A and a variety of quality 1911s. Their Saint series of AR-15s is popular on the commercial market. They have branched their AR-15 line now to include their first retro model, the near clone SA-16A2. As the design of the Springfield rifle is not a true TDP clone, here at Charlie's, we refer to this as a "near clone."  Near clone rifles are often offered by commercial firearm manufacturers, like Springfield, Geissele and Daniel Defense, which offer a commercial variant of a popular military rifle.  The SA-16 follows classic lines of the A2 with modest upgrades, like an improved flared magwell. The features you know and love about the M16A2 are all here with Springfield's aesthetic crossed cannons rollmark.


  • Fixed carry handle with adjustable A2 sights
  • Traditional round ribbed handguards
  • Property of U.S. Government marked
  • 3-position safety markings:  BURST added as a third marking
  • 20" chrome lined, government contour barrel
  • 1:7" twist to stabilize heavier projectiles
  • Phosphate coated, chrome lined BCG
  • Accutite tensioning system tightens fit between the upper and lower
  • Fixed carry handle with adjustable A2 sights
  • Traditional round ribbed handguards
  • USGI style aluminum 30-Round magazine
  • Durable Springfield Armory logo range bag included

What was unique about the A2?

The M16A2 is the link between the light, streamlined original M16 and the current high speed, railed, kitted out rifles in use today. In the late '70s, the Marine Corps wanted to make changes to the issue M16A1. Among the changes they most desired were adjustable sights. The USMC above all branches prides themselves on marksmanship. They wanted to be able to take greater advantage of the already excellent sight picture and long sight radius of the M16. The fixed carry handle now incorporated toolless adjustments for both windage and elevation. No longer was a tool or cartridge tip required to zero the weapon and on the fly changes were now possible. A brass deflector was a welcome addition to the platform by left handed shooters.

New furniture is the most apparent change made. The Vietnam era triangle handguards were replaced by round ones. In addition to provided better grip with their ribbed texture, the change to symmetrical handguards simplified the logistics of manufacture and replacement. Armories needed only stock one type of handguard half instead of separate left and right halves. The buttstock was lengthened by 5/8". The pistol grip was more textured and now featured the finger bump. The material as upgraded making the furniture stronger and less likely to break from hard field use.

A new barrel contour and faster twist were required as part of the program. The introduction of the M855 ball and M856 tracer necessitated this change to stabilize their heavier projectiles. 1:7" was settled on because it would stabilize the 64 grain M856 tracer in cold, arctic air. Sticking with this twist rate would be a real boon later when even heavier rounds such as the Mk262 77 grain came about. The heavier contour forward of the front sight was intended to help prevent bending barrels from bayonet use or rough field handling. The lighter contour was kept below the handguards to maintain compatibility with the M203 grenade launcher. The old school A1 flash hider was effective but made even better by closing the bottom ports. A closed bottom flash hider kicks up less debris when firing prone and also acts like a simple compensator to help keep the muzzle flat during rapid fire.

One hotly debated change was the removal of full automatic fire and its replacement with a three shot burst setting. This is a longer discussion than is possible in the scope of this description, but Springfield has kept a nod to this with their BURST marking in the non-functioning third position.

So what has Springfield done differently in this M16A2 clone rifle?

Aside from a small change to the lower profile and adding a slight funnel to the magazine well, they have added their popular Accutite tensioning system. This places an adjustable set screw in the lower which allows the end user to take the slack out of the upper to lower fit if desired. Another change is the addition of M4 feedramps to the upper. While not correct, this can help with feeding some newer rounds.  Additionally, the barrel follows a thicker taper than was found on the original M16A2, and the BCG is branded with Springfield's logo.

Special upgrade exclusively from Charlie's

A near clone retro rifle would not be complete without Charlie's offering something unique.  As an exclusive for CCC customers, you can opt for authentic DOD military acceptance stamped lower and USGI OD Green sling.  The DOD acceptance stamp on the front was affixed when a rifle was accepted by the US Depatment of Defense from the Vietnam era up to 1993.  The M16A2 received a 1/2" square stamp in the front of the magwell.  Charlie's has affixed the stamp in a similar manner.  One bit of caution for those to picky:  The stamp has been applied in much the same manner as the US Government would have applied, so your stamp might filled with ink, or it might be lacking and not fully complete.  This is how the stamp was affixed.  It was done quickly and one might say in a somewhat sloppy manner.  Keep in mind, this was affixed to a war tool, and not a work of art.  In much the same manner as the later generation of firearms were rattle-can painted in the field, this was not done to look nice.  If you cannot live with that, then do not opt for the optional clone enhancement, i.e., you cannot return for defective merchandise if your stamp is not to your liking.  

The USGI sling is just that:  The same M1 - M16 sling used for many years.  We usually have them available in cotton and nylon.  If you have a preference, put that in the comments at check-out, otherwise, you get what we have on hand.


  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
  • Action: Semi-Automatic
  • Capacity: 30-Round, aluminum magazine included
  • Finish: Matte Black Type 3 Hard Coated Anodizing, mil-spec
  • Sights: Front A-frame A2 FSB with A2 adjustable sight in carry handle
  • Barrel: 20" 1:7 Chrome-Moly-Vanadium 4150 steel with chrome lining
  • Single side, 90 degree safety
  • A2 flash hider
  • Upper Receiver: 7075 forged Aluminum with fixed carry handle and forward assist
  • Lower Receiver:  7075 forged Aluminum with Safe-Semi-Burst markings
  • Length: 39.5"
  • Black carry bag included

Manufacturer's Model Number:  SA920556B-A2


Q: What's the caliber of this rifle?

A: The Springfield SA-16A2 Rifle is chambered in 5.56 NATO.

Q: Is the carry handle detachable?

A: No. This retro style rifle has a fixed carry handle just like the military issued M16A2.

Q: What is the capacity of the magazine?

A: The rifle has a 30-Round capacity, and it comes with a USGI style aluminum magazine.

Q: How do I get this to ship to my local dealer?

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