FBI HRT Custom Precision Rifle - Near Clone

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FBI HRT Precision Rifle

Near Clone Model: .308 Remington / McMillan bolt action sniper rifle

Charlie’s brings you a near-clone solid precision rifle, modeled after the bolt action precision sniper rifle used by the elite FBI Hostage Rescue Team, based in Quantico, Virginia. The HRT team uses a number of different weapons for counterterrorism and hostage rescue situations, and the sniper rifle is one of those tools. Over the years, a number of different HRT rifles have evolved. This is the latest model used by the FBI.

This FBI HRT Rifle is designed by Potomac Armory and hand crafted by RW “Rob” Schneider, a renowned precision rifle manufacturer and gunsmith. The rifle is FBI HRT contract correct, with the substitution of a new production Remington 700 barreled action, featuring a match grade 5R rifled 20” stainless barrel, with a polished steel bolt, trued lug and Remington trigger. The stock, the Surefire muzzle device, the Badger embedded front rail and Badger trigger guard and steel magazine and Harris bipod are all FBI HRT contract correct.

Highlights and Features

  • True to FBI HRT Design: Emulates the FBI HRT model with a precise Remington 700 substitution, maintaining high performance features at a more accessible price point.
  • McMillan Stock Precision: Features an HRT-specific A3-5 McMillan stock, providing superior stability and comfort with adjustable customization.
  • Precision Gunsmithing: You can trust the work of RW Schneider Gunsmithing
  • 5R Barrel Precision: Equipped with a match-grade 5R barrel, ensuring top-tier accuracy and consistency in every shot.
  • Night Vision Ready: Integrated with a Badger EFR, offering seamless compatibility with night vision devices for low-light superiority.
  • Ready for Action: Includes a Harris bipod and Surefire muzzle brake, ensuring operational readiness and adaptability for various missions.
  • Robust and Reliable: The Remington 700’s solid build and triple-locked cartridge case deliver unmatched durability and safety.
  • Scope Versatility: Fitted with a Badger Picatinny rail, ready to mount a wide range of high-quality scopes, matching professional field requirements.

The stock is HRT team specific A3-5 from McMillan Stock Company, made for Potomac Armory, under special contract arrangements. The specially made stock includes an adjustable cheek piece and six (6) quick-disconnect flush cups for sling attachments at just about any point on the stock you can imagine, as well as a bipod stud. The OD Green stock is pre-fit with precision aluminum pillars made specifically for the Remington 700 short action, and pre-fit for the Badger EFR, which is included for night vision illumination, as well as being inletted for the Badger M5 DBM trigger guard, which is installed, along with a Harris bipod.

The Remington 700 is machined from a single solid steel bar for uniformity and strength. The bolt face is recessed and locks up inside the counter-bored breach, which is surrounded by the receiver, forming three rings of steel, enclosing the .308 cartridge case head for unprecedented and proven strength. The integral extractor is sent in a groove, inside the rim of the bolt face, uniformly supporting the cartridge head.

The Remington factory barreled action was chosen as a great substitute for our HRT rifle, as the newer model 700 with the match grade factory installed 5R stainless barrel is a great shooter, consistently providing sub-MOA performance, and providing a price advantage over custom actions and barrels that allow Potomac and Charlie’s to offer this rifle with great performance and a solid price. The substitution of the receiver, barrel and trigger make this what we, at Charlie’s, call a “near clone.” Charlie’s often fields both clone correct and near clone rifles, where the near clone products are almost as good and as true to the design as possible, while opting for smart substitutions that save on cost, while providing a superior shooting experience, as well as a look and design very close to the actual contract rifle.

The truth is, this rifle has all the bells and whistles and will be a more accurate shooter than 90% of us.  Certaintly, some shooters will benefit from a custom action and hours of gunsmith time getting just the perfect chamber and the perfect blueprinted fit of the action to the lug and the lug to the barrel.  But, for most shooters, the prefit Remington factory barreled action is going to be darn close.  This rifle is clearly a sub-MOA gun, and many shooters are reporting consistent 1/2 MOA shots, and this is without the benefit of the precison McMillan stock.  Another manufacturer offers this rifle in contract correct with a price several thousand dollars more.  We will have a similar rifle with a custom action and start with a precision barrel blank and have all the work done to it that GA Precision does, and it will be our "clone correct" model.  There is a difference, but it is ever so slight.  We get it.  There are pragmatists and perfectionists.  We love both and offer a product for each.

The rifle comes ready to shoot out of the box. The Harris 6-9 inch folding swivel bipod is installed, the barrel is threaded and a Surefire SOCOM muzzle break is installed, ready to accept a suppressor, if you choose. In addition, Rob has installed a military grade Badger Picatinny rail, making the rifle ready for you to mount a great scope. The Schmidt and Bender was the original optic, which is a great suggestion, and your Charlie’s team can suggest other great authentic alternatives like Leupold and Nightforce, and other great brands.

About the Hostage Rescue Team


The FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) is the elite tactical unit, specializing in high-stakes situations that involve counterterrorism operations, hostage rescues, and high-risk law enforcement missions. Established in 1983, the HRT was formed to provide a full-time federal law enforcement tactical unit capable of responding to the most complex and demanding missions worldwide.

2023 saw the 30th anniversary of the HRT.

The team is composed of highly trained operators, selected from the ranks of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, as well as former special forces operators, who undergo a rigorous selection process and extensive training regimen. Training encompasses a wide range of skills, including marksmanship, negotiation tactics, close-quarters combat, and advanced medical expertise, ensuring team members are prepared for the multifaceted challenges of each mission.

Operating out of the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, the HRT is ready to deploy at a moment's notice. The team's notable engagements include high-profile incidents, counterterrorism operations, and protective duties during major events. Their commitment to maintaining a state of constant readiness and their capacity to operate in diverse environments underscore the HRT's role as a critical asset in national security and crisis response.

HRT weapons and tactics

The Hostage Rescue Team is equipped with a specialized array of weapons, chosen to support their critical missions. The HRT sniper rifle, a precision instrument designed for accuracy and reliability in high-stakes situations, is one of the key weapons used by the HRT. This sniper rifle, often a highly customized bolt-action platform, is known for its exceptional precision and is used in situations where utmost accuracy is required.

Alongside the sniper rifle, the team's armory includes a variety of tactical firearms such as submachine guns for close-quarters combat and assault rifles for versatility across different operational scenarios. The HRT also employs tactical shotguns for breaching and close engagement. Each weapon is chosen for its reliability, accuracy, and adaptability to the diverse environments the HRT operates in. In fact, Charlie's offers an FBI carbine with a folding stock both in HRT SBR and HRT pistol configurations, if interested.

Tactically, the team's approach integrates these weapons with advanced technology and rigorous training, ensuring that each member can effectively engage targets with precision, maintain operational security, and adapt to the dynamics of each mission with confidence. The HRT sniper rifle, with its pinpoint accuracy and range, remains a critical tool in the team's efforts to resolve high-risk situations with precision and care.

HRT sniper rifle evolution

The HRT initially adopted sniper rifles akin to those used by military counterparts, reflecting the serious nature of their missions. The early years saw the adoption of robust and reliable rifles like the Remington 700 with a wooden stock, a choice influenced by its precision and customizability, establishing a foundation for future refinements.

As tactical requirements evolved, so did the team's arsenal. The HRT then transitioned to the precision and versatility of the M24 and M40, rifles known for their adaptability and proven in combat. Collaboration with the Marines at Quantico played a pivotal role during this period, with the HRT leveraging their expertise to refine sniper tactics and equipment.

The quest for a more tailored solution led to the adoption of rifles that offered enhanced features such as improved barrel technology and sophisticated optics, aligning with the HRT's mission-specific needs. This period of evolution was marked by a focus on customization and technological integration, preparing the team for the complexities of modern operations.

Currently, the HRT employs the generation of sniper rifles, which this rifle is patterned after. Ergonomics, accuracy and tactical versatility have defined the current HRT rifle. This rifle can be custom-configured, offering superior accuracy, reliability, and modularity.


Design Potomac Armory authentic FBI contract with receiver substitution
Precision Gunsmith RW Schneider
Caliber .308 Winchester
Stock FBI contract McMillan A3-5 with adjustable cheek rest
Action Remington 700 SA with right-hand standard tactical knob
Barrel 20” Stainless 5R rifling, 1:10 twist, heavy contour, threaded 5/8”-24
Finish Stock is OD Green military spec with Black action, barrel, and hardware
Bedding Pillar bedded with 7075-T6 embedded pillars, then skimmed with Marine Tex
Installed Stock Hardware Six (6) QD flush cups installed into the fiberglass stock during construction, and one bipod stud
Trigger Remington
Muzzle Device Surefire 7.72 SOCOM brake
Top Rail Badger Picatinny top rail for Remington 700
Front Rail Badger embedded front rail (EFR) for night vision accessories
Bottom Metal Badger M5 DBM (M40A5 style) trigger guard
Magazine Metal ACIS compatible detachable (1 magazine included)
Weight  11-1/2 lbs

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