Mk11 Mod 0 barrel


Hi folks.  This is a placeholder.  As many of you know, Charlie's, working with Potomac Armory and Mr. Barrett Obermeyer and others to bring the most modern and most authentic Mk11 Mod0 barrel that has been produced since 2008.

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Barrett Obermeyer had produced the original SR25 barrels in the late 1990s, and continued when the US Navy chose to cut-down the 24" barrels and make other changes to the SR25 and designed the rifle the Mk11 Mod0 in 2001 for its elite snipers in the SEALS and USMC units.  Obermeyer barrels were the best at the time, and continued throughout the life of the Mk11 program, until the dawn of the Mod 1, which became the M110 for the US Army as well as the USMC.

We have secured the only Mk11 barrels made by Obermeyer in a great many years, and will be offering these for sale, sometime in late April, 2018.

In addition to the genuine Obermeyer barrels, we will have other commercially available barrels, include from Knights Armament.  The Obermeyer barrels will be very, very limited in quantity, as will the KAC barrels.  We will have other barrels in match cut 5R rifling, buttoned 5R and 6-groove rifling, and a mix of chome-moly and stainless steel.

The barrels will be complete with the original Mk11 design gas blocks, and ready to accept a KAC Mk11 suppressor, if you desire.  The Mk11 barrels are match target crowned with no threads.  The contour of the barrel is perfect and genuine to the original Obermeyer design.  They are offered with a black Cerakoting, and grayed dry lubricant on part of the gas block.

This project has been over a year in the making, and lots of time has gone into researching, design, prototyping, and testing.  Production will start in earnest in April, and will continue each month.

While we continue to hope that Mr. Obermeyer will return to work, he is currently on sick leave, and I am not sure what output we might expect in the future from Obermeyer Rifled Barrel Company.  The Obermeyer barrels we expect to sell out quite quickly, despite a relatively high price.  We expect to have around two dozen of those made.  The other barrels will continue in production each quarter, so if the initial batch sells out, there will be more.  KAC barrels will also be quite rare, but will continue to get a few in from time to time.

Prices, I expect to range from $875 to around $2,500 per barrel, so there will be a barrel for every clone maker's budget.  I am marking the price as $1,500, but will adjust and add the variations as we get closer to production.

Also, we will offer a bolt and barrel combo, which I highly recommend, as our barrel smiths -- who are some of the best in the business, and have built a number of the USMC sniper rifles -- will want to headspace a bolt to a barrel.  You can choose a new KAC compatible bolt for your upper, or send in your current bolt to be headspaced during our chambering process.

Look for images in the future as well.