Mk11 Gas Block

Mk11 Gas Block

Gas Block for the Mk11 Mod 0 sniper rifle

Charlie's has worked hard to bring you a historically correct gas block for the Mk11.  The early Mk11 with the Obermeyer barrel had a a more full gas block than the current M110, which is also technically compatible with the Mk11 sniper system.

Potomac Armory has spent over a year researching the original Mk11 Mod 0 back from 1999 and into 2003, and has created a gas block that is both historically correct, and also compatible with Knights parts, like the KAC Mk11 suppressor, KAC Mk11 barrel, the Mk11 flip-up front sight and the KAC free floating RAS.

Note:  This gas block, like the KAC blocks should be installed only by a qualified gunsmith.  The interior diameter of the gas block is machined to be more narrow than a Mk11 gun barrel.  Your gunsmith should remove the last few 100's of an inch of metal when installing the gas block, to assure the best fit.

Note:  This gas block is designed to fit a Knights Armament or Potomac Mk11 barrel, and should not be used on another brand of barrel, as it might not align with the gas port, or correctly fit the Mk11 suppressor.  This gas block is not to be used on an M110 rifle barrel, as the suppressor index pin is located in a different position.

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