M110 / Mk11 gas block

ships from our shop in 3 to 5 days (+/-) No returns if installed

Gas Block for the M110 sniper rifle

Charlie's has worked hard to bring you a historically correct and functional gas block for the M110 sniper rifle system.  

Potomac Armory has spent over a year researching the original Mk11 and M110 rifle systems, and has created a gas block that is both functionally correct to work with the M110 barrels from Potomac Armory or Knights Armament.

This gas block has been engineered and tested to accept the M110 barrel and includes a suppressor alignment pin, installed correctly to accept the M110 suppressor.  This gas block is also backward compatible with the Mk11 and the Mk11 suppressor system, with a change in the pin location.  The suppressor alignment pin ships installed at 7:00, but can be removed to fit at 6:00 for the Mk11.

This gas block is perfectly timed for a KAC barrel.  Note:  KAC SR25 barrels have the gas port in a unique location, so most gas blocks will not work.  This gas block will work with a KAC barrel, a Potomac barrel, or one designed to match KAC specs for SR25 systems made from 2000 to 2012.  Maybe later, not sure.  At some point, KAC moved to the screw-on barrel nut for the gas block.  This will not fit on those barrels.  This is quite important.  Charlie's knows that there are barrel makers who claim to make M100 barrels, but the process requires very tight tolllerances, and very few do it right.  The barrel itself is very uniquie and the profile very specific, and when manufacturered to correct tollerances, some barrels are tossed aside as not meeting spec by the best barrel makers.

Note:  This gas block, should be installed only by a qualified gunsmith.  The interior diameter of the gas block is machined to fit very snug against a 0.75" gas journal.  In most cases, this will require the cooling of the barrel and the heating of the gas block and a strong mallet to push the gas block into place.  The three pin holes that need to be drilled through the gas block and barrel to properly attach the gas block are milled out, but not started.  A gas block and a barrel should become one unit.  Once drilled and mounted, the gas block and barrel become a system, and should not be removed, and gas blocks with three pin holes drilled should not be mounted to a new barrel.

Note:  This gas block is designed to fit a Knights Armament or Potomac M110 or Mk11 countoured barrel, and should not be used on another brand of barrel, as it might not align with the gas port.  This is super important.

This is not the Knights Armament gas block, but similar in design and all the same in fit and functionality.

The gas block is sold with a phosphated black finish.