Military Grade M4 Upper Receiver, Forged, Colt Clone, CAGE Code

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Redefining Performance: Potomac Armory M4 Upper Receiver - Military Grade

Unlock a level of exceptionalism with Potomac Armory's M4 Upper Receiver, precision-crafted from the same production line as Colt. This forged, anodized AR15/M4 upper receiver is the epitome of military-grade performance. Immerse in the unrivaled quality of our product, powered by military specifications and supported by Potomac Armory's robust reputation.  CAGE Code marked 80WT4

Product Description

Engineered for perfection, the M4 Upper Receiver stands out as the best in the market. Boasting full military specifications, the receiver comes from the same contact provider that supplies Colt. The Potomac Armory receiver is marked with the authentic "M4" over the gas tube entry, setting a benchmark in the market. Fitted with M4 feedramps, it brings the true experience of military-grade arms to your fingertips.

With its advanced Brass Aluminum forging, the receiver dons engraved T-marks painted white and has a full DFL gray interior. The M4 Upper Receiver incorporates the highest grade of 7075 Aluminum, ensuring robustness and long-lasting performance. The military-spec hard coat anodizing in black further enhances its durability.

Designed with an eye for detail, it comes fully assembled with forward assist, an ejection port cover, and a dry lube interior. The product is compatible with any AR15/M16/M4 lower, providing a superior fit with military-grade forged lowers. Expect nothing less than the best with Potomac Armory's M4 Upper Receiver.

Product Details

  • Military Spec Upper Receiver
  • High-grade 7075 Aluminum
  • Hard Coat Anodizing in Black
  • Engraved T-Marks with White Paint
  • Dry Lube Interior (DFL)
  • M4 Marked on Front Top
  • Brass Aluminum Forging Marks
  • M4 Feed Ramps
  • Fully Assembled with Forward Assist & Ejection Port Cover
  • Fits any AR15/M16/M4 lower
  • Better fit with Military Grade Forged Lowers


Q: What type of aluminum is used?
A: The M4 Upper Receiver is made from high-grade 7075 Aluminum.

Q: What type of coating is used?
A: It is coated with a military-spec hard coat anodizing in black.

Q: What's included with the receiver?
A: The receiver comes fully assembled with forward assist, an ejection port cover, and a dry lube interior.

Q: What's the CAGE Code of the receiver?
A: The CAGE Code is 80WT4, which is assigned by the US Department of Defense.

Q: What's the difference between this receiver and a Colt M4 upper receiver?
A: The only difference between Colt and Potomac Armory is the CAGE Code number assigned by the US Military.  Colt contacts for their upper receivers to be made to military spec, and Potomac uses the same contractor, and the same process:  Interior dry lubricant (which is not done for commercial receivers), Square forge mark, M4 engraving on the front, and mil spec dust cover and forward assist.  The identical product and fit.

Q: Is this receiver a good choice for a military clone rifle build?
A: Absolutely.  This receiver is a full mil-spec upper, and unless you need a Colt marking on your rifle, this will work fine.

Q: Will this upper fit my lower?
A: Almost always, yes.  This upper receiver will fit any AR15 or M16 style lower, and function perfectly.  It will certainly have a better looking fit when paired with a military grade lower, or at least a forged lower.  Brands like Daniel Defense, Bravo Company, LMT, Knights Armament, Colt, FN, CMMG and Rock River are all examples of perfect fit.  Some fancy designs and billet lowers will work just fine, but cosmetically may have lines that do not match.  Also, some great names like Noveske will and even Aero Precision will fit better with their earlier generation models.