Colt M4 Upper Receiver - complete (unmarked, new take-off)

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Colt M4 Upper Receiver - (unmarked)

This is a new take-off from a Colt rifle.  100% Colt, but no Colt markings.

This is 100% Genuine factory Colt

Genuine Colt M4 Upper receiver with engraved white T markings characteristic of colt, but there is no CAGE code or "C"  marking next to the forge mark.  Forge marking is either "square" Brass Aluminum or "keyhole" Cerro.  Colt uses both.  Those who know Colt, can tell this is Colt.  Most the interiors have a dull gray or dark gray dry film lube.  The military spec Type III anodizing and color is distinctively Colt, and the white painted T-marks are a dead giveaway for those who know Colt

Forging marks are Colt

These uppers come in waves and batches.  As Colt has geared up its military rifle sales from 2019 to 2021, Colt exited the commercial market in 2019, only to re-enter slowly in the Summer of 2020, and then begin to ramp-up law enforcement and commercial sales in late 2020 and into 2021.  In doing so, Colt has focused the traditional "CAGE code" for their military line, and is releasing a good many rifles and upper receivers with no Colt markings into the commercial and LE market.  Some CAGE coded uppers make their way into commercial distribution, but by mid 2021, we have been seeing mostly unmarked upper receivers for the commercial and law enforcement market.

Used in our builds and also sold as parts

At Charlie's Custom Clones, we are using the unmarked upper receivers in our builds, and also selling excess inventory to you as genuine parts.  Whatever the markings are, the quality of the upper receiver is 100% the same, and is a matter of cosmetics.  We get these uppers both as parts from Colt, and also as full rifles, which we disassemble, and build back up as military correct clone rifles and upper receiver groups, and thus have some parts that are excess in the process.

Note:  With this Colt product, or any Colt product, expect some handling marks, oil, occasional small scratches or anodizing colors that vary.  Colt is made for battle, and in the factory, Colt parts are not treated with kid gloves.  A minor imperfection with a new or NOS Colt product is not a defect.

includes dust cover assembly and forward assist assembly.  No BCG or charging handle.

Manufacturer's Part Number:  SP63528