Colt M4 Upper Receiver - complete (unmarked, new take-off)

Stock is not planned. When in-stock, we ship with in 3 days +/- from our workshop

Colt M4 Upper Receiver - (unmarked)

This is a new take-off from a Colt rilfe.  100% Colt, but no Colt markings.

Genuine Colt M4 Upper receiver stamped "M4" has engraved white T markings characteristic of colt, but there is no CAGE code or "C"  marking next to the forge mark.  Forge marking is "square" Brass Aluminum.

These uppers come in waves and batches.  Colt does not plan it that way, but if we see it, we pull from inventory and discount.  To be honest, it is hot worth the hassle of returning to Colt, so we pass on a savings to you.

Note:  With this Colt product, or any Colt product, expect some handling marks, oil, occasional small scratches or anodizing colors that vary.  Colt is made for battle, and in the factory, Colt parts are not treated with kid gloves.  A minor imperfection with a new or NOS Colt product is not a defect.

includes dust cover assembly and forward assist assembly.  No BCG or charging handle.