Colt M4 Upper Receiver, CAGE Code marked BLEM

Product is only available when an item fails final quality inspection

Colt M4 Upper Receiver, CAGE Code marked BLEMISHED

100% authentic, this is a Colt factory Upper that did not make the QA inspection at Charlies for cosmetic reasons

Be careful, there are many fakes out there.  Buy from a trusted Source.  Charlie's is a Colt authorized dealer, and this part comes from Colt as a spare, or also from a new Colt rifle, for which Charlie's has disassembled.  

Factory new or new take-off, Colt upper receiver with Colt CAGE Code marked on the left side, stamped, engraved or dot peened into the side.  Some of these are factory new.  Most are take-offs from new guns or upper receiver groups.  Some are purchased as a part. Most have world famous Colt oil on them.  Inside has a gray dry lube finish.  Marked M4 in the front, and with M4 feedramps.

This is a blemised item, often with scratches on the top rail, or we have uppers that look like they have been dropped.  Graded Medium, rated B to A-.  Colt is known for rough handling, but our blems are a little more banged up that you would expect from a new part.


Note:  Pics do show specific blems.