M203 Grenade Launcher barrel, 9" for M4 Carbine 40mm

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M203 Grenade Launcher barrel, 9" for M4 Carbine 40mm for Colt and LMT base launchers

This is the 9" 40mm barrel for the Colt or LMT base launcher.  Colt and LMT are identical, and there is no branding for Colt or LMT on the barrels.  The hardware itself is made by a common third party parts manufacturer for both Colt and LMT

This item has LMT' CAGE Code on the barrel.  That is the only LMT identifier.  You may install this on your Colt or LMT launcher.  The launcher itself is the only item that is branded Colt or LMT.  People have asked if we can get the Colt barrel.  This is it.  Colt is not selling their barrel, and the only difference you would find is a Colt CAGE Code under the barrel, where you see the LMT CAGE Code.  Same product.

Note:  If you attach this barrel to a launcher which has not had a 40mm barrel, for instance attaching this barrel to a launcher that had a 37mm barrel, you are making a destructive device, which is an NFA item, and before you put those two together, you must file the proper paper with the ATF to build a destructive device.  This is our understanding.  We are not your lawyer, please consult a legal adviser before attaching a 40mm barrel to your 37mm launcher.  Because of this restriction, we will not sell to anyone for whom we have any question about their intentions.

LMT Part LMP380, which is identical to and interchangeable with Colt Part SPR0811-9