Daniel Defense complete bolt carrier group, BCG, new

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Daniel Defense complete BCG, 5.56mm

Factory new bolt carrier group from one of the better bolt carrier group manufacturers.  Full auto logo bolt carrier group, including bolt

At Charlie's Custom clones, we are a little picky about our bolt carrier groups.  We are used to seeing failures in the past, and Daniel Defense makes one of the better BCGs on the market.  There are a handful of great BCGs to pick from, but this is top shelf.  You cannot go wrong with DD.


  • Machined from 8620 steel
  • Heavy Phosphate Coated
  • Chrome lined
  • Properly staked gas keys
  • Made in the USA


  • Machined from Carpenter 158 Steel
  • High Pressure Tested
  • Magnetic Particle Inspected
  • Shot Peened
  • Heavy Phosphate Coated
  • Made in the USA

Note:  offered new in retail packaging and also in bulk packaging.  Some BCGs have been test fired by Daniel Defense for high pressure testing, and may show brass on the bolt.  Only fired by Daniel Defense, not used.  As we get both bulk and retail packaging, and that is often at the manufacturer's discretion, we cannot take requests for one or the other.  Both are the same item.  One we keep in our warehouse and the other in our workshop.