Colt M4A1 complete lower receiver US Gov't Property

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Colt SOCOM M4A1 US Government Property marked lower receiver

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Colt M4A1 complete lower receiver, new "take-off"

This is a factory new take-off from the 2018 / 2019 model M4A1 carbine with the US Gov't Property marking

This is the real deal, complete with all Colt parts and an ambi safety selector.  Four position Colt buffer extension tube and a Colt / P&S Products "waffle" stock.

Be advised:  This is a true Colt battle rifle lower, produced like DOD contract rifles are produced.  You will see blemishes.  Colt is known for uneven roll marks, oil, no oil, handling marks, minor scratches, black anodizing and gray anodizing, chaulky grips. This is what Colt is all about.  It is not LaRue Tactical or a Les Baer.  The lowers cannot be returned.  Make sure you understand what a military rifle is and is not before you purchase.  Note:  Early 2018 had problems with roll marks, and as a result, Colt has moved to engraving.  We are seeing some lowers with engraving and some with roll marking.

Limited supply available.

Serial Number Series:  CR
QR Code:  Yes, left on magwell
Virgin Lower:  No, rifle take-off, MAY NOT BE USED IN PISTOL BUILD

Note:  This is the from the limited release 2018/2019 rifles, which are limited production.  Do not confuse this with an HBPW or other newer or older releases.  The 2018/2019 release is the only one with the US Gov't Property marking.

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