Colt M4 Double-Insulated Carbine Handguard

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Colt M4 Double-Insulated Carbine Handguard

Factory original Hardguards -- these are the best:  Black polymer with double aluminum insulation.

Fits M4 and AR15 rifles with a front sight base and M4 handguard plate.  Will accommodate any barrel width:  Government, M4, HBAR, SOCOM.

These are new Colt handguards.  Charlie's gets both in volume as new factory parts, and also as "take-offs" from new rifles.  Let me explain.  Our main business at Charlie's Custom Clones is the assembly of military correct rifles and upper recievers.  These are known as clone rifles. 

A clone rifle is not a fake.  It is a creation of a rifle with as much factory correct components as is possible to purchase on the civilian market, and assembled as a military clone rifle or perhaps a lower receiver, or upper receiver group.  In the build out of military correct clone rifles, we have a number of parts, like this handguard, which are sold as surplus, as we are using a different handguard on our upper receiver groups, like an M4A1 or a Mk18 CQBR or even a Mk12 SPR rifle.  We might receive a full Colt upper or rifle, and dissasemble parts, and some parts are not used in the build, so we sell them to customers to recover part of our originial purchase. We have skilled armorers who dissassemble Colt rifles every week, and then repackage the handguards in milspec plastic and store in a bin.  Our armorers are craftsmen, and they do not injure or make marks when taking a handguard off a rifle, but you show note that while in assembly by Colt, handling marks do occur.  Colt makes weapons used by the US and allied militaries and also by law enforcement, so Colt is not so concerned about cosmetics.  However, if we see a significant nick, we will score that as a "second" or "BLEM"  and sell that way.

What you are getting is new, new old stock, and new take-offs.

Note:  in 2020, Colt changed some of the parts of their rifles, and some people have noted small changes in the handguards from 2020 forward, compared to 2019 and prior.  We have inspected the handguards, and while we do so some minor differences when you look inside the handguard, we might not have seen any difference, had someone not pointed it out.  In our view, the handguard is the substanially the same today as it was in 2013, and we have segregated the handguards, so you might get a 2021 manufactuered handguard, or a 2011 or 2107 handguard.  There is no subtantive difference that would merit us creating a new product SKU and offering different prices for this part.

Volume pricing available:  pick the number you want, and your price per handguard goes down.