Colt LE6933 11.5" SBR enhanced Commando URG

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Colt LE6933 11.5" SBR enhanced Commando URG

Colt LE6933 Enhanced Upper Assembly Group

Note:  The Enhanced series of Colt 11.5" upper receivers feature the Colt heavy FBI barrel, which is considered by many to be the best short barrel of any length and profile.  This is Charlie's Exclusive.

The Colt LE6933CK Upper Assembly is used on the R0933 Commando model rifle. This is factory new old stock. Includes new Colt 11.5"enhanced barrel, new Colt upper receiver with CAGE code marking, new Colt marked BCG and bolt, Colt insulated handguards, and flip-up rear sights (BUIS).

This upper receiver allows for a free-floated barrel (with optional handguards) and also features a gas-block mounted fixed front sight post with bayonet lug and a backup rear sight.

The barrel has been upgraded from the older thin profile barrels to the Colt 11.5" chrome lined HBAR barrel with an A2 flash hider on the muzzle. Several options are available for you to customize before we ship to you, or you can take delivery as designed, and full of Colt factory oil. This upper is new, and not a take-off, and has never been mounted or shot (outside of Colt factory testing).


--- Unique direct gas operating system eliminates the conventional operating rod and results in fewer and lighter components.

--- Accommodates the full range of 5.56mm ammunition, including the NATO M855/SS109 and U.S. M193, as well as longer-range ammo like the Mk262 Mod1 77 grain, preferred for SOCOM operations, utilizing a rifling twist of 1 turn in 7".

--- Colt CAGE code stamped 11.5-Inch 1/7 twist 5.56 NATO chrome-lined MP tested barrel. Note: comes standard with upgraded Colt heavy profile barrel with front sight base and without sling loop (pictures show sling loop, but that has been discontinued on the FBI barrel assembly).

--- Backup rear sight: Magpul is standard

--- Mil-spec phosphated automatic M16 bolt carrier, with MPC marked Colt bolt

--- Mil-spec charging handle

--- A2 mil-spec flash hider

For those who are interested, 2018 and later Colt upper receivers will have CAGE code identifier in place of the old familiar "C" mark.  If you want a "C" mark, ask about it.  There is an additional charge.  You can add on after your purchase as well.  As the older "C" marks are no longer being made, the up charge will vary and increase with time, so ask.

Note: All NFA laws apply. Please make sure you understand if you are allowed to own an 11.5" upper assembly. Also, check the laws in your state or locality. I am not your lawyer. It is your responsibility to know if you are permitted under law to own this upper.

 ITAR item.  May not be exported with permission of the US State Department