Colt A2 grip, military grade

fast ship item

Colt A2 grip, mil spec, black

new grip, removed from a new Colt rifle

Solid black glass reinforced polymer.  Colt grips look like every other grip, but you can tell from the feel a Colt from a DPMS or other grip.  The inside will also have a label.  Usually something like F1 in the far interior of the grip near the screw.  Is it worth the extra money for a Colt grip over a generic grip?  Maybe.  At least you know this one will not break under the harshest of use.  The other....  Who knows where it is made.  Want something nicer, we like B5 and Magpul grips, as well as Blackhawk and Ergo.  Lots of options, but only one Colt.


grip only, no hardware included