Barrett Firearms

There are few names in the firearms industry that are as bold as Barrett.  Barrett means big and powerful and quality.  Charlie’s Custom Clones is proud to partner with Barrett Firearms to bring you military grade rifles in large caliber, like the M107 and the Mk22 ASR.  

Barrett was one of the pioneers in barrel swap technology in large bore precision rifles, and the MRAD is one of the first names that comes to mind when thinking about a high caliber rifle capable or swapping barrels.  The MRAD reigns supreme from the .308 Winchester to the .338 Lapua, all in one rifle.   Barrett also makes high quality AR rifles, both piston and direct impingement.  The REC7 in 5.56mm NATO is a superb weapon.

In addition to making high quality big-bore rifles, Barrett also offers suppressors specifically designed for their rifles.  Charlie’s also brings you some accessories for your Barrett rifle, and you can expect to see the depth and breadth our product selection grown.  We even have shirts and hats for the swag lover.