308 AR Upper Receiver for Mk11 and M110


308 AR Upper Receiver for Mk11 and M110

Coming soon (we are hoping for November, 2018) - an exclusive at Charlies is an anodized billet upper receiver that will nicely fit a lower and barrel from Knights Armament, LMT and LaRue.  This has been a collaboration in the making with Potomac Armory and a couple of other custom manufacturers to bring us an upper receiver, that, together with our Mk11 or M110 barrel and matching bolt, and a KAC upper rail, will allow you to build a complete Mk11 or M110 upper receiver group.

Below are sample pics.  Obviously, the M110 will be Cerakoted Taupe (FDE).  Prices are expected to range from $285 to $315, so we are putting the lower end of the price range here.  Feel free to sign-up to be notified when available.

Update:  May 11, 2018:  Our production partners are having some issues with the upper in testing, so July is optimistic.  We are going to look at other options as well. This is something we need to have to serve our customers looking for Mk11 and M110 clones.