Wilcox Aimpoint / EOTECH Flip Mount

$376.00 - $457.00

Wilcox Aimpoint and EOTECH Magnifier Flip Mount

The Aimpoint® Flip Mount provides rock solid mounting options for Aimpoint®  and EOTECH 3x and 6x magnifiers. 

The Wilcox Flip Mount for EOTech or Aimpoint 3x Magnifiers was designed to offer operators instant switch capability between magnified and non-magnified optics when using red dot sights.  Engineered with a stiff force-to-overcome mechanism, the Flip Mount stays put in both “active” and “stowed” positions until the operator chooses to engage it.  The mechanism is extremely precise in its tolerance stack with no wobble when placed in position.  A single gross motion is all that is required to activate the Wilcox Flip Mount, securely placing it behind or flipped to the side.  No other flip mount offers this type of stability and simplicity of operation.  The Wilcox Flip Mount comes complete with an interface shoe for the EOTech G23 and G33 3x Magnifier or Aimpoint 3x Magnifier (depending on which option is chosen).

The magnifier interface shoe snaps the assembly directly into the Flip Mount Base.  A spring-loaded bar allows the operator to remove the magnifier/shoe assembly from the weapon when it is not needed, for stowage elsewhere.  This is one of the more ingenious design features since it allows the Wilcox Flip Mount to give the operator the option to completely remove the magnifier or simply flip it to the side depending on the situation.  You now have the best of both worlds.

The Wilcox Flip Mount for 3x Magnifiers is made with typical Wilcox bomb-proof quality.

  • Fixed Flip Mounts feature a variety of rail options with mount permanently affixed to the rail.
  • Flip Mounts for Aimpoint and EOTECH available with and without rails and accommodate both Low Profile and 5/8" rise configuration
  • Allows optic to flip to a stowed position for front sight visibility or to an operational position for magnifier operation.
  • Lightweight with field proven dovetail attachment system
  • Aluminum construction for increased durability over currently fielded products.

 DIIMENSIONS:                                                       2.5" L x 2.25" W x 1.0" H

WEIGHT:                                                                                               4.8 oz
FLIP DIRECTION:                                                                       Left or Right