Wilcox RAPTAR Lite weapon based aiming laser & illuminator

  • Wilcox RAPTAR Lite™
  • weapon based aiming laser & illuminator
  • Infrared laser, IR illuminator and flashlight integrated into one package

The Wilcox RAPTAR LITE is a lightweight, integrated technology system. RAPTAR LITE harnesses and fuses an Infra-Red (IR) Laser, a Visible Laser, IR Flood, and 80 Lumen SureFure flashlight head all within a single, compact, ruggedized all-weather package. The system is designed to be repairable unlike any current system in the field and has the ability to be upgraded and expanded with emerging technology, producing an overall cost savings throughout the lifecycle.


  • Red Visible Aiming Laser
  • Infrared Aiming Laser (Eyesafe)
  • Variable Focus Infrared Illuminator
  • 300 Lumen SureFire® Flashlight with 7 variable output settings
  • All Lasers are Co-Aligned within .5 Mrad; the entire Laser Suite moves as one for easy bore-sight and optical alignment
  • Single Precision Adjustors for Each Plane (Azimuth and Elevation)
  • Saves on space, cost, and weight. Reduces the need for multiple independently operated systems
  • Total Operational Weight:  (Includes Battery, Rail, and Remote): 385.0 grams ( 13.6 oz )
  • Dimensions: 6”L x 3.19W x 1.75” H
  • Color: Black or Lusterless Brown Matte Finish
  • Water Resistance: Waterproof to 1 Meter
  • Battery Type: One (1) 3V CR123A
  • Battery Life: Over 7 Hrs on Dual High IR Laser Only
  • Visible Aiming Laser Red (635)
  • IR Aiming Laser
  • IR Illuminator
  • Visible Flashlight 7 variable output levels from 0-300 Lumens

1. The RAPTAR-LITE™ ES integrates a variable 300 Lumens visible flashlight.

2. Equipped with a variable focus infrared illuminator, an infrared aiming laser, and a red

visible aiming laser; all lasers are co-aligned within .5 mrad.

3. User “On The Fly” Laser, IR Illuminator, Red/IR Pointer and Flashlight Intensity control.

4. Index 1/4” 20 screw mounts onto a MIL-STD 1913, RIS/ RAS, & STANAG-4694 rails interfaces.

5. Selection knob allows the user to select from eight possible modes of operation: Off, IR Laser, IR Flood, IR Dual, Function, VIS Laser, VIS Flash, and VIS Dual.

6. An easy-to-read LED display indicates the selected mode

7. A water resistant battery compartment stores one (1) 3V CR123 battery.

8. Remote pressure pad utilizes same button configuration as unit for quick adjustments.

9. Modular rail adaptors provide optional mounting solutions on a variety of weapon platforms.


 ITAR Item:         

Restricted for sale to US Citizens and cannot be exported without US Government approval