Wheeler AR Gas Block Taper Pin Tool

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Wheeler AR Gas Block Taper Pin Tool

If you work on military style AR rilfes, you have been there:  How do I get the taper pins out of the front sight base ?  Arrgh.

At Charlie's, we are not the Ace Hardware store of gunsmithing, but when we find a unique tool that we use in our shop and it helps us work, we like to share it.

the vice holds the A-frame front sight base together, and provides some depth to use as a guide for your punch to hit the taper pins.  Included are two punches.  The key to removing a taper pin is a very solid hit, and without a guide, my hammer usually slides off the taper pin and hits my thumb.  The guides in place a strong hit, and the taper pins fall out.  Built with durable tool steel, this is a must-have for any gunsmithing or tactical rifle owners work bench.

  • Works on A2 front sights
  • Works on Smith & Wesson single-taper pin gas blocks
  • Works on dual taper pins
  • Durable tool steel
  • Features a finishing punch and a starter punch