EZ Accuracy Gas Block Dimple Tool

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EZ Accuracy Gas Block Dimple Tool

Every now and then we find a great tool, and want to share it with you.  Eric, the master tool smith at EZ Accuracy in Pennsylvania came up with a simple but effective way to handle dimpling of low profile gas blocks.  We use this tool at Charlie's, so if you are a do it yourselfer, grab one of these.  At under $20, you cannot go wrong.

You screw in the sleeve to the bottom screw hole of the gas block, and whack it with a hammer to mark your drill point.  You then insert a small drill bit into the sleeve, and you have the starting of a great dimple.

The Quick, Dead-Nuts Precise Way To Dimple the Barrel.  Now 100% made in the USA!!

The AR-15 Gas Block Dimple Tool from EZ Accuracy is designed to help you install any gas block with a 10-32 setscrew - and ensure that gas blocks never budges from where you’ve put it. As the product’s name indicates, it will put a dimple on the exterior of your AR-15’s barrel to ensure that once the block’s setscrew is tightened down, the block won’t shift position.

  • Hardened steel components
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Instructions included
  • EASY to use (did we mention that?)

The EZ Accuracy AR-15 Gas Block Dimple Tool consists of only three components: an outer screw, a center punch/pin, and instructions. In a nutshell, once you get the gas block is aligned the EZ tool’s screw is used to hold it in place while you rim the punch pin through the center of the screw to make the dimple. EZ Accuracy has made the process of installing a precisely placed gas block simple, fast, accurate - and nearly foolproof!

Note:  For use on Carbon Steel (4140, 4150) with phosphated exterior or on Stainless Steel (416, 416R).  Not for use on Nitrite Coated barrels (QPQ).  A nitrided barrel can be detected by its very black and shiny exterior.  The nitriding process will create a very hard surface, and this tool, and most drill bits will not penetrate a nitrided barrel.