Sig Sauer SRD762 direct thread 7.72mm Inconel Suppressor

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Sig Sauer SRD762 direct thread 7.72mm Inconel Suppressor

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Sig Sauer SRD762 direct thread 7.72mm Inconel Suppressor

Affordable, Reliable, Hi-Tech and Direct Thread make it a natural choice for the Sig MCX series of PDW and CQB pistols and SBRs, as well as other extreme short barreled 300 BO weapons as well as traditional long range 7.62 and .300 WM rifles.

The SRD762 is an Inconel 718 direct thread suppressor. Inconel 718, a nickel alloy stainless steel, provides the highest level of durability, particularly with short-barreled hosts using supersonic ammunition. The 5/8"-24tpi threads match the vast majority of modern sporting rifles in .308/762/300BLK on the market today. The rear mount has wrench flats to torque the suppressor to the barrel. These wrench flats can be used as a location to "pin and weld" the suppressor to make a shorter barrel over 16" in total length.ÌÁThe SRD762 is rated up to 300 Win Mag and any other rifle cartridges that are of equal or less projectile diameter, pressure and case capacity. Examples of this would be .204 Ruger, .223/5.56x45mm, 5.45x39mm, 7.62x39mm, 300BLK, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.8 Spc, .260 Remington and other cartridges.

>Inconel 718:  Provides greater durability for short-barreled and high-round count applications.

>Taper-Lok:  While compatible with all traditional 90-degree shouldered barrels, when using SIG SAUER tapered shouldered barrels, this optimizes alignment, improving accuracy and greatly reducing point-of-impact (POI) shift.

>Wrench Flats:  Easy removal, even with heavy carbon build-up. The wrench will automatically disengage the secondary retention latch with no ratchet teeth to wear


CALIBER --  300 Blk / 300 Win Mag / 7.62 NATO
WEIGHT (OZ) --  15.5 oz 
DIAMETER --  1.625 in 
OVERALL LENGTH (IN) --  6.6 in
THREADS --  5/8 in - 24 tpi
ATTACHMENT TYPE --  Direct Thread
MATERIAL --  Inconel 718 / Stainless Steel