SCI-SIX Flash Hider 1/2"-28 from CGS Group

ships from our shop in 3 to 5 days (+/-)

CGS Group SCI-SIX flash hider

threaded for 5.56 barrels at 1/2"-28

You know that anything made by CGS is going to be good stuff.  You probably might know that the SCI-SIX is the first dedicated 5.56 can made by CGS Group.  But, did you know that you need a SCI-SIX flash hider for every barrel you want to use your SCI-SIX suppressor?  Well, maybe your figured that out.  One flash hider is included with the suppressor, and if you have more than one gun, well, that is where we come in at Charlie's.

We got your six.  SCI-SIX suppressor adapters for 5.56mm rifles.  We had to pass the flash hider around, as it has its own personality.  The design is flat sided, maybe octagnol?  Count and tell us if it eight sided.  LOL.  The interior features some hearingbone cuttouts, and the exterior direct threads into a SCI-SIX suppressor.  An interesting feature, is when the suppressor is mounted, the flash hider fits flush into the suppressor, allowing a shorter footprint, with the suppressor abutting the actual barrel.  

The silencer mounts to the host firearm with thismuzzle device that left-hand threads to the silencer body.  That makes sense.  Yes, it does.  Not all work with such common sense.  We can count on Slade at I.D. to add common sense to high-tech CGS design.  As a former Navy SEAL, he had to live with the decisions made by state-side rifle and suppressor companies, and now has practical thinking to keep it simple in the field, where you life depends upon small shit.

Oh, you might have known that Irregular Defense co-designed the suppressor and the flash hider.  Irregular Defense is not yet a household name, but we like picking winners early.  Designing great weapons and components by operators for operators is the way we would say it.  And, you might know that I.D. has pushed this design work out with Noveske, so another great name.


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