Surefire FH556RC 1/2-28 SOCOM 4-prong flash hider

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SureFire SOCOM 4-prong flash hider FH556RC 1/2-28

Charlie's brings you all the cool clone parts. This is the real deal, not a fake.  Available commercially from Charlie's.  Highly coveted and seldom available.  Perfect for your M4A1 clone build, or perhaps a Block 2 CQBR or maybe a Mk18.

The advanced Surefire SF-FH556RC-1/2-28 four-prong flash hider, which fits M4/M16 weapons and variants with 1/2x28 muzzle threads, features a design that greatly reduces muzzle flash—typically greater than 97%—when compared with a plain muzzle. Boasting robust tines built to withstand the rigors of combat, the FH556RC-1/2-28 also serves as a rock-solid mounting adapter for SureFire SOCOM Series 5.56 mm Fast-Attach® suppressors, the SOCOM 556-RC model having placed first in the most extensive and rigorous suppressor testing ever conducted by US Special Operations Command. 

Precision machined from US mill-certified heat-treated stainless steel bar stock—and including high-precision single-point cut threads for optimum thread interface. Designed to be used with the Surefire SOCOM suppressor. 

Charlie's sources these as new in retail packaging and take-offs from new upper receivers, so all new.  Some minor handling marks are possible.  Also, most of the time, if we have these items in-stock, they are being held for specific builds.  From time to time, we do make the part available, but we are in the business of making really awesome upper assemblies and rifles that are clone correct. 

Note:  Shims and Rocksett are included.  

Limit of one purchase per person

FITS: M4, M16 and variants

MOUNTS: All SureFire SOCOM Series 5.56mm/.223 caliber sound suppressors

NOTE: SureFire SOCOM Series Fast-Attach sound suppressors, flash hider/suppressor adapters, and muzzle brake/suppressor adapters are not compatible with previous SureFire Fast-Attach sound suppressors, muzzle brakes, or flash hiders.