RAS Rail Cover 11-rib DOD mil-spec, new BLK

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M4 RAS rail cover 11-rib DOD mil-spec

Same as the Knights Armament - made by Military Contractor P&S Products / Prudent American

Identical to KAC’s iconic Ribbed Rail Panels have seen use all over the globe on US military M4 Carbines. Prudent American Technologies (PAT) (formerly known as P&S Products), just like Knights Armament, are used on military contracts for military rifles. These rail covers are marked with the PAT (or P&S) CAGE Code: 8FW25 (4U486).  The rail covers are identical to Knights, and the PAT and P&S vary only by what is stamped on the rail cover.  P&S covers have the name and CAGE Code, and the PAT covers have only the CAGE Code on the rails.

Thus, they are the same, but this Prudent American - P&S branded product saves you a few dollars.  Charlies stocks both P&S military surplus and Prudent American new products.  These rails will accept the KAC rail covers, or P&S or Prudent American rail covers - all the same construction.

Colt has started using Prudent American M4 carbine stocks in 2022 as their provider.  In the past, Colt used P&S Products.  We can get too hung up on names and markings, but P&S and Prudent American are the real deal in military contracted parts.

The lightweight polymer panels are ribbed for an enhanced grip, and help insulate the support hand from barrel heat. This cover may be used on KAC, PAT, P&S and other "quad rails."  This size nicely fits a carbine rail.

Your choice of branding, pick from PAT or P&S, as available.


  • Material: Polymer
  • Ribs: 11
  • Length: 6.15"

New unpackaged stock.  Individual rail covers have been stored in a box, and might have minor contact marks with other rail covers.

Note:  Charlie's also carrys the Knights RAS rail covers, with CAGE Code here.