M4 RAS rail cover 4-rib DOD mil-spec, new BLK

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M4 RAS rail cover 4-rib DOD mil-spec 

Same construction as KAC

Identical to KAC’s iconic Ribbed Rail Panels have seen use all over the globe on US military M4 Carbines.  P&S Products, just like Knights Armament, are used on military contracts for military rifles. These rail covers are marked with the P&S CAGE Code: 4U486

The lightweight polymer panels are ribbed for an enhanced grip, and help insulate the support hand from barrel heat. This cover may be used on KAC, PAT, P&S and other "quad rails."  This size nicely fits a carbine rail.  The four rib rail cover is popular for the bottom of an M4 RAS rail, when combined with a vertical grip VFG.  Also can be used on the M5 RAS, which is the rifle length quad rail for the M16A4. 

The unique part of KAC and P&S (and PAT) rail covers is the metal clip.  This fits in a certain groove at the forward and rear of Picatinny rail handguards made for this cover.  If your rail cover does not have this slot or groove, the rail cover will slide off.  This is why KAC and PAT / P&S RAS rails are so popular.  Some Midwest Industries, LaRue and Troy rails will have this necessary groove.


  • Material: Polymer
  • Ribs: 4
  • Length: 2.70"
  • CAGE Code: 4U486

New unpackaged stock.  Individual rail covers have been stored in a box, and might have minor contact marks with other rail covers.