Q Collapsible Stock for Honey Badger

MSRP: $350.00
(You save $35.00 )

Q Honey Badger Collapsible Stock


Factory two position stock assembly for your Honey Badger receiver.

The Honey Badger has been a cult classic for many years. A high-performance short barreled rifle (SBR) that's optimized for tactical and personal defense situations, the Q Honey Badger in .300 Blackout is a specialized weapon. Uniquely designed and manufactured by Q, it was originally designed for military personnel, and has been adopted for use by law enforcement, and now civilian shooters looking for a concealable PDW.

The Honey Badger was also sold as a non-NFA pistol both with and without a brace. For those who want the real deal, Q offers those pistol owners the ability to get the real stock assembly. The collapsible stock is a two position quick deployment type with a checkered butt for sure grip to the shoulder. This stock assembly mates perfectly with the Honey Badger's billet receiver set.


QUESTION:  Will this stock work on other guns?
ANSWER: No. This stock assembly will only work on a Q Honey Badger receiver.
QUESTIONCan I install this on my Honey Badger pistol?
ANSWER:  Yes, as long as the proper NFA rules are followed. This may be legally installed on a Honey Badger pistol after receiving an approved ATF Form 1 turning your pistol into a registered Short Barreled Rifle.
QUESTIONHow much does it weigh?
ANSWER:  6.5 ounces

Includes: Stock assembly, Recoil Guide Rod Alignment Tool, and Rubber Gasket

Manufacturer's Part Number:  ACC-HB-STOCK-ASSEMBLY

NOTE: All NFA rules apply.