ACE M4 SOCOM Gen 4 Stock 5-Position Collapsible Stock - Aluminum and Black

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ACE M4 SOCOM Gen 4 Stock 5-Position Collapsible buttstock

Aluminum Black "clone correct" for early M4A1, Mk12 and Mk18

When you need to break down a door and secure a room, count on a rifle equipped with the ACE M4 SOCOM Standard Gen 4 Stock. These extra rugged AR15 Stocks feature a 0.5" butt pad and a closed cell foam over tube that combine to allow a stable cheek meld and cushion any recoil.

For military correct "clone builders," the ACE SOCOM stock offers a change from the norm.  SOCOM in its early days allowed SOPMOD modifications to the M4A1 and then the Mk12 Mod H and Mk18 with the ACE stock, as well as other stocks, like the LMT and B5 SOPMOD stocks.

The ACE Gen 4 M4 SOCOM Stock features an integral buffer tube, which allows adjustable length of pull in five 1/2" increments, and is approximately 6 times stronger than the original AR-15 collapsible stock/buffer tube design. A closed cell foam stock over-tube cover provides a comfortable cheek weld. The stock offers 4 sling attachment points for ambidextrous flexibility in carry options, including a dual loop ambidextrous-style mount integrated into the receiver end plate, and 2 machined 1-1/2" sling loops. Buffer and buffer spring not included. Stock weight is approximately 16.5 oz.

Many rifle buyers and clone rifle builders do not realize that Doublestar makes a number of super solid parts that are OEM for other manufacturers.  While they also build more popular items, they are solid military contractor with a long history of quality parts.

Compatible With:

  • AR-10, LR-308
  • AR-15
  • M4, M4A1, Mk12, Mk18
Fixed or Collapsible:
  • Collapsible 7.5"-9.5"