Colt Rogers M4 Stock - NOS

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Colt Rogers M4 Stock - NOS

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Colt marked M4 Rogers Super-Stoc™

This stock fits any mil-spec or commercial carbine buffer tube.  It is new old stock, recently removed from new old stock Colt M4s, assembled in 2012 and 2013.

Developed by Bill Rogers, this stock was ahead of its time, improving upon the Colt / P&S Products M4 stock, it is a collapsible stock with a locking cam.

The cam-lock system completely removes any slop or play inherent with collapsible stocks. Once the desired stock position has been selected, the stock can be locked down solid simply by clicking the cam-lock lever upward. Pressing the quick-release lever will disengage both the cam-lock, and the detent pin, allowing you to quickly readjust the stock position. The Rogers Super-Stoc™ also removes the guesswork involved with buffer tube sizes. It will fit both a Mil-Spec sized buffer tube as well as a Commercial sized buffer tube, AR15, M4 and AR10 with a few simple adjustments. Weighing in at only 7.3 oz, it is among the lightest stocks available, but rugged enough to pass a 36", fully loaded drop test. 

The padded but-pad has the Colt brand and logo.