Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 3.5-10x40 M2 Illum TMR FDE/ Dark Earth M110 scope GOV model


Brand: Leupold
Product Type: Rifle Scope

Product Description

Leupold Mark 4  3.5-10x40 M2 Illum TMR FDE/ Dark Earth Riflescope LR/T GOV model, M2 turrets

This is the scope for the Knights Armament M110 SASS Rifle.  Probably one of the best known semi-automatic sniper weapons for the Iraq and Afghanistan Theater.

This Leupold scope has a bit of a case of multiple personalities, as there have been quite a few model numbers given to this scope over the years.  At Charlie's, we carry new scopes, used scopes, blemished scopes and factory refinished and renewed scopes.  We buy and stock just about any type of scope in this family, because the scopes are both very rare (aka hard to find for those of you who did not make it out of 5th grade).  So, you might see several different models that we are offering from time to time.

One thing you need to realize about this scope.  The finish is anodized aluminum, and like many high-quality dark earth tones in anodized aluminum, the actual color will vary.  If you buy high quality gun parts in desert dirt, FDE, etc. you know what I mean.  This is true of this scope, of any of the Geissele DD scopes and rails, and of the Daniel Defense FDE RIS-II rails.

This scope is the Leupold model 61635, with the M118LR 20" barrel BDC turret, in new, "in the box box" condition.  This scope came to us as a special purchase from Leupold, and is marked "GOV" and comes in a kraft color (not commercial) box. As we said, there a variety of scopes made, and a variety of hues of FDE, but getting a "GOV" model, marked on the box and marked on the bottom of the scope is special.  This is not a seconds or blemished scope.  Brand new, 2017 built for DOD and the M110 SASS.

The color of this scope is more a bit of a bronze, which is characteristic of the newer Leupold dark earth tones. 

  • Scope ships with original box and manual. (Original box is USGI or Quartermaster, to be polite, not a commercial box with all the trimmings)
  • No scope covers are included

Note:  Pictures represented in this offering may include stock pictures and pictures taken of other scopes with the same characteristics.  Please rely upon the descriptions herein, and not the pictures, which are examples, and may or may not be the same item that you are buying.  When pictures have been inserted that are not of this exact item, we have exercised due diligence to make sure that a good likeness is in the pictures (read:  you will not be overly surprised when your item arrives at home).  For scopes, any BDC in the pictures, because of the nature of changing inscriptions from scope to scope may be different.  Please refer to the description.

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Model:  61635
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