Leupold Mark 4 Tactical Spotting Scope 12-40X60 with TMR Reticle

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Leupold Mark 4 Tactical Spotting Scope 12-40x60mm with TMR reticle

The standard by which all other spotting devices are measured, the Mark 4 is a professional grade spotting scope used by the US Military, precision shooters, and hunters alike

Originally issued to the USMC, the Mark 4 has become ubiquitous amongst precision shooters for its clear image, light weight, and accessories built around it, like spotting scope cages from Cadex and LaRue alike.  The Mark 4 comes in a number of reticles and magnifications, but the 12-40x with a large 60mm diameter lens provides the best mix of ranges for practical shooters, and the milRAD based TMR reticle is a good balance of simplicity and mil based measurements.

The Mark 4® 12-40x60mm tactical spotting scope with the TMR reticle gives you the brightness and clarity necessary for positive target identification in any conditions. Built to survive shocks, blows, drops, and impacts, it's not only tough, it's also 100% waterproof and fogproof.

This Leupold Mark 4 12-40x60mm tactical spotting scope features include Xtended twilight lens system, DiamondCoat 2, folded light path, smooth focusing, waterproof, fog proof, fold down rubber eyecups, tripod and digital camera compatible, and BAK 4 prisms.

Leupold’s Professional-Grade Optical System offers unmatched light transmission that’s designed to outperform in the most challenging lighting conditions, industry-leading glare reduction for a clear image in harsh, direct light, and the resolution and clarity that professional guides and shooters demand in the field.


  • Shoot further than ever into the evening with Leupold's Xtended Twilight Lens System. This system uses index-matched glass with wavelength-specific lens coatings to maximize the transmission of low-light wavelengths, resulting in better low-light details, clarity and quality. With most systems, scope manufacturers measure low light transmission at 550nm - the green color that the human eye is most sensitive to. However, in twilight conditions green can fade away and let blue/violet take over. Xtended Twilight is optimized to transmit blue and violet, giving the user best possible transmission of twilight images.
  • Professional Grade Optic System
  • DiamondCoat 2 ion-assist lens coatings provide the greatest level of abrasion resistance, exceeding military standards for hardness and durability.
  • Folded Light Path
  • Smooth Focusing
  • Armor-coated Magnesium Housing
  • 100% Waterproof and Fog-Proof
  • Fold-down Rubber Eyecups
  • Tripod-Ready
  • Digital Camera Compatible
  • BAK 4 Prisms

TMR reticle

The TMR reticle is an improved mil-dot reticle that is clean, easy to understand and well suited for viewing first shot misses and subsequent shot hits at a distance and being able to provide feedback to the shooter.