Precision Reflex (PRI) Mk12 Mod0 SPR Top "Swan" Rail for Precision Reflex (PRI) Gen II Round Rifle Length Forearms

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Precision Reflex (PRI) Gen II AR15/M16 SPR Straight Top Rail for Gen II Round Rifle Length Forearms

This is the straight rail, replacing the Swan #38 rail for the Mk12 Mod0.  Most of the Mod 0 SPR riles have this straight rail.  Some have a notched rail for the Gen III PRI hard guards.

This rifle length SPR Straight top rail is a full Picatinny rail that connects the receiver to the Gen II forearm. This top requires the 8.5" rail with lugs in order to connect top rail to Gen II forearm. This creates a rigid platform ideal for mounting accessories.

This rail connects to rifle receiver with 3 cross bolts and the front of the rail connects to the Gen II forearms top rail using to screws. The rail, constructed of hard coat black anodized T6 aluminum, is 17.7in in length with an add elevation of .450in.


Model: 05-SPR-G2