OD green A2 grip, mil-spec from Rock River Arms

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milspec A2 grip - OD Green

OD Green is the new FDE

We work with military replica rifles, and often times use KAC, Colt and Daniel Defense parts. Sometimes, where it is less obvious, in small parts, some builders and customers like to save a few dollars here and there on parts where it really might not matter if you have the exact perfect part. Perhaps a grip is the right place? Well, OD Green is very popular.  We call it the new FDE.  Why not?

As to construction, this is a solid polymer grip.  This is new to our line in 2021.  It does not appear to be fiberglass reinforced.  It is a quality part.  Cosmetically, it is sold.  Made in USA by Rock River Arms.  RRA has been making quality "National Match" rifles and parts for decades.

Contains grip only.  No hardware

Please feel free to ask questions before you buy.  No restrictions on export.