Mk18 Mod 1 Military Surplus Upper Receiver Group with Savannah Rails - USED

Some bench work to clean and test before shipping, plan on 2 weeks, +/- from order to ship

Mk18 Military Upper Receiver Group Mod 1, CQBR - Used

Used and Salty, but ready to go with coveted early 2000's DD "Savannah" rails and FN upper and Crane barrel

Charlie's Custom Clones brings you the best of period correct military rifles, scopes, suppressors, components and parts, but usually we are bringing you something new or 'new old stock.'  Here is a very heavily used military Mk18.  Make no mistake, this upper has seen its share of action, and there is no way to put this gently.  This upper has been tossed around.  But it is the real deal.  FN upper receiver, Daniel Defense Mk18 RIS rail "Made in Savannah, GA," Colt 10.3" barrel, BCG and charging handle, Mk12 gas block and Surefire SOCOM 4-prong flash hider.


  • Authentic used military Mk18 Mod1 upper receiver group
  • Used and very "salty."
  • Each part taken apart, cleaned and inspected, small parts replaced as needed.  Lots of cleaning goes into the Surefire muzzle device and you see the copper from hundreds of rounds of suppressed fire.
  • Featuring a pre-2009 Daniel Defense FDE RIS rail, with original Savannah, GA markings.
  • Authentic Surefire military SOCOM 4-prong flash hider, which can be used on any of the SOCOM family of Surefire suppressors, or used unsuppressed.
  • FN Cage Code upper receiver.  Military spec, and used and worn.  Hard coat anodized, forged and dry film lube applied.
  • Colt 10.3" barrel.  Mil-spec phosphate finish 4140 Chrome-Moly steel with chrome bore and chamber in M4 Government profile, with the front sight base removed and the forward taper pin groove showing, just like all early Mk18 barrels.  We have cleaned, inspected, and applied some protectant to the taper pin groove, and reinstalled the gas block.  Chambered in 5.56 NATO with 1:7 twist.  MPI / HP tested (many high pressure testing with live fire).  We have inspected the chambering and the bore, and surprisingly, each barrel is in fine shape.  With the chrome lining, it is next to impossible to wear this barrel out with live fire, and it will take salt water and sand and mud and keep running fine.  The chrome lining helps protect the barrel for extremely long life.
  • Mk12 gas block, either Badger or Daniel Defense or made by Crane.  We have not changed it as it came to us, so we cannot vouch for the manufacturer.  They are all built the same.  We have removed it, cleaned it out, inspected it, and reinstalled.  In most cases, the same gas tube has been used.  If the gas tube had too much carbon, we replaced with a new Colt gas tube.
  • Colt bolt carrier group, well used but still very functional.  There is a reason the military uses Colt.  It is hard to destroy.
  • Colt charging handle.  Most are well worn.  We have inspected each one, and where small parts are needed, we have added a spring or a lever.  The charging handle is good for another 5,000 rounds.

This upper is not for everyone, but if you want to have the real weapon this is it.  The Savannah marked rail is impossible to find.  Daniel Defense started in Savannah, GA in 2002, and quickly grew out of space when SOCOM awarded Daniel Defense with the contract to make the Mod 1 rails, the RIS rail, to replace Knights Armament RAS rail, used on the Mod 0 Mk 18 rifles.  Daniel Defense moved to Black Creek, GA in 2009, so most every rail we see today has the Black Creek address on it, so getting a Savannah rail, is a kin to getting a Vero Beach rail from Knights Armament.

While not for everyone, it might be for you.  If you want authenticity, you got it.  The US Navy SEALS call it the Mk18 Mod1 upper receiver, the US Army special forces call it the CQBR for the M4A1 Block 2.

This upper has a one year, 12 month limited warranty.  If anything fails on the upper receiver, send it back and we will repair or replace the part that failed.  We know that buying something used and abused is a tricky endeavor, but we have Colt, FN and Daniel Defense parts ready in our shop.  No replacements for cosmetics, but if some part fails to function, we will fix it.  The only caveat is you must use a mil-spec lower forged AR15, M4 or M16 lower receiver.  Any Colt, FN, LMT, Knights Armament, Rock River, BCM or Daniel Defense lower will work just fine.

Made in USA, not shipped outside the USA.

Please feel free to ask questions before you buy.

All NFA laws apply. If you are uncertain if you can own this, check the National Firearms Act, also with your state authorities. When you place this upper on a lower receiver, you in all likelihood have a short barreled rifle, which is subject to registration under the NFA with the ATG.  Know what you can and cannot do before you buy.

Note: All ITAR regulations apply. Charlie's deals in the real McCoy. Your item most likely has parts that cannot be shipped outside of the USA, or owned in the USA by non-US Persons. You take accountability to safeguard parts and the entire upper, and get necessary approvals to transport outside of the USA.