Mil-Spec M4 RAS - P&S BLEM

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blemished mil-spec P&S Products M4 Rails

Mil-Spec M4 RAS 

P&S Products

This is a medium grade blemished RAS.  The quad rail itself is new old stock, but has been banged around, and will show signs of wear through the anodizing, especially on the Picitinny Rails themselves.  Since this will be under any rail cover, the grading is medium:  B- to A-

This is a mil-spec M4 RAS, which is identical to the Knights Armament RAS, but is made by P&S Products.  Both KAC and P&S are DOD military contractors, and are providing the same RAS to the military.  Thus, they are the same, but P&S saves you a few dollars. Military Surplus.  Again, the same style and look at Knights Armament.  Interchangeable.  

At Charlie's we mostly use these in builds.  From time to time we have a few extra that we make available for sale.


  • Top P&S RAS Rail with hardware to mount
  • Bottom P&S RAS Rail

(no covers included)  Covers are available separately.