Mil Spec M5 Rifle RAS, 5.56, USED, high grade

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P&S Products M5 Rifle RAS, 5.56, used, high grade

This rail does not include any Rib Rail Panels.

The P&S M5 RAS (Rail Adapter System) was developed for use on the US military’s M16A4, and with hundreds of thousands of rails issued to date, it is one of the most battle proven designs available for the AR-15 platform.  This item is identical to the Knights Armament M5 Rifle RAS, but is made by another military contractor, P&S Products.

Charlie's grades all items for usability and also for cosmetic marks.  This item is rated B+.  It will show some signs of wear and installation.  Some minor evidence of mounting of optics or accessory to the Picitinny rail.  Does not include panel covers.  Charlie's grading system is known to be very conservative.  The item will appear close to new, but contains no packaging with very so minor evidence of use.

This non-free float handguard is a simple-to-install, drop-in upgrade that features genuine Mil-Spec M1913 Picatinny Rails along its entire length. What sets the M5 RAS apart from other 2-piece quad rails on the market is that it securely locks to the rifle’s barrel nut via a clamp and screw arrangement, making it a very solid foundation upon which to mount tactical accessories.

Rifle Requirements: The M5 RAS is a drop-in replacement part for standard, 2-piece polymer, A2-type handguards. The rifle must have a rifle length gas system, delta ring assembly, fixed front sight/gas block, and either a round or triangular handguard end cap. Lighter barrel profiles work best (Government contours). Heavier barrel contours may require modification to the inside of the rail. For AR-15/SR-15 based platforms only; not compatible with SR-25 variants. 

M5 Rifle RAS Forend Assembly 
Length: 11.5"  
Weight: 14.4 oz  
Free Float: No  
Material: Aluminum  
Finish: Black Anodizing