Mil Spec carbine gas tube from Remcon - Melonited (Nitrided)


Carbine length Gas Tube - Stainless / Melonited

At Charlie's we are not in the business of bringing you small parts.  But, every now and then, we stumble upon a great manufacturer with an affordable high quality product.  This is one.

This is a basic, no non-sense, trouble free carbine length stainless steel gas tube with a black nitrided finish, made in America. Carbine length is roughly 9-3/4" long.

We look at parts from every place imaginable, both to bring you good stuff, and also to use in our builds.  There was a time that I thought gas tubes were commodity items, and get the cheapest.  That led us to looking at sources on eBay and elsewhere with great prices.  But, something was different with many of those gas tubes.  They just weren't made right.  Then I was contacted by a half dozen Chinese firms, offering gas tubes for 95 =cents to $2.00.   Well, we bought dozens and dozens, and tested some, and rejected most upon visual inspection.  Funny how many you could just tell it was junk. 

At SHOTSHOW, working with our friends at Potomac Armory, we were introduced to Remcon North.  These guys make aircraft parts for the US Air Force, and they sell gas tubes for many of the DOD rifle contracts.  So, through Potomac, we are bringing your made in New Hampshire carbine gas tubes for the price of the shit made in Guanzo.

We have other lengths and properly nitrided gas tubes as well (that means that the black does not rub off on your hands).

Oh, this does not ship with a gas tube roll pin <-- another way that tips you off if you are dealing with quality gas tubes.  For whatever reason, the high-quality tubes usually don't come with a roll pin.

If this is all you buy, we ship our gas tubes in protected plastic tubes, and then insert into bubble wrapped envelopes, to make sure it does not bend.