Colt Carbine mil-spec buffer / extension kit

$45.00 - $59.00
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colt-lower-parts-colt-carbine-mil-spec-buffer-extension-kit-2563209691231-18660.1545514585.220.290.jpg Colt Carbine mil-spec buffer kit

Colt factory parts

This a set of new Colt parts, either new from the factory, or recent take-offs from new Colt full rifles or lower assemblies, or a mix of both.

Be sure to add a six or four position buffer tube to your kit.

Kit includes:

  • carbine buffer spring
  • carbine buffer end-plate
  • steel castle nut
  • buffer (see options for various weights)

Note:  pictures are representative of items in your kit.  The Colt castle new might contain minor marks from previous staking.  Charlie's takes great care in removing castle nuts with the right tools, and inspects each castle nut that is a new take-off and rejects those with excessive marks, scratches or deep stakes.