Mil-Spec Heavy Tungsten Buffer Weight for AR15 Carbine


Mil-Spec Heavy Tungsten Buffer Weight for AR15 Carbine

This is a replacement weight for the Geissele Super 42 buffer, or any mil-spec AR15 carbine buffer.

A carbine buffer system is comprised of weights, both steel and tungsten, depending upon how much weight is needed to slow the bolt carrier and return it to action after a shot.  Instead of buying a new buffer, you can easily disassemble your buffer, and change the weight setup.  This is perfect for Geissele's Super 42, where you might need to experiment and fine-tune the buffer with the heavy duty spring.  This tungsten buffer weight will also work with any standard mil-spec buffer and tube assembly.  It is not meant for commercial buffers, only mil-spec.

Price is for each weight (1 each)

Standard Carbine Buffer = 3 steel weights

  • H1 Heavy Buffer = 2 steel weights and 1 tungsten weight
  • H2 Heavy Buffer = 1 steel weight and 2 tungsten weights
  • H3 Heavy Buffer = 3 tungsten weights