Carbine mil-spec buffer / extension kit

$19.99 - $59.99

Carbine mil-spec buffer kit

Charlie's brings you a mil-spec quality buffer kit.  We source these from several major manufacturers who supply top quality parts.  There are times and places where you need to pay for name-brand.  This is not one of them, unless you want one of the fancy woven spring kits, or some of the other latest and greatest in keeping your spring silent.  Not that that is a bad idea, but here you are getting solid made in America quality and a fair price.

Most all parts are factory new.  There could be an occasional new take-off part, if it meets Charlie's rigorous quality inspection.

Be sure to add a six or four position buffer tube to your kit.

Kit includes:

  • carbine buffer spring
  • carbine buffer end-plate
  • steel castle nut
  • buffer (see options for various weights)

Note:  pictures are representative of items in your kit.  As we source from various manufacturers, the items in your kit could vary in appearance.  Hint:  Nobody will every see your spring.