M4A1 Colt Carbine Rifle, 2017 limited edition LE6920 SOCOM

item discontinued by manufacturer, not taking orders at this time

Colt M4A1 SOCOM Carbine, 2017 factory direct LE6920 SOCOM, 14.5" barrel, pinned

Most of the homework has been done for your Block 1 Clone Build

This is the 2017 limited release Colt M4A1 carbine rifle, in semi-automatic.  Direct from Colt factory, still in factory wrapping.  Nothing added, nothing taken off.  In the Summer of 2017, there were roughly 200 Colt LE 6920 SOCOM rifles released.  This is quite a collector's item, and the foundation for a "Block 1" clone build.

This is the real deal, complete with all Colt parts and an ambi safety selector, and genuine Knights Armament KAC RAS rail and covers.  Four position Colt buffer extension tube and a Colt / P&S Products "waffle" stock. This is a very nicely "finished" Colt carbine.  Better than any we have seen.  You expect a great quality engineered rifle from Colt, and you get it.  But, you normally also expect some handling marks, oil randomly applied, and sometimes a scratch or two.  This batch of 2017 rifles are very nicely finished.  You will sit back, and say, "wow."


The barrel is a 14.5" heavy SOCOM profile, with a 1.6" factory pinned and welded extended A2 Colt flash hider.  Since the barrel is pinned and welded, this is NOT a short-barreled rifle (SBR), not an NFA item, requiring a special tax stamp.  This is street legal.

This rifle is fully loaded will all the bells and whistles, and is the 2017 limited release with the old Colt "C" stamp on the upper receiver.

  • Colt factory M4A1 carbine
  • 14.5" Colt SOCOM barrel, pinned and welded at the factory to 16.1" with an extended A2 flash hider; CAGE rollmarked
  • Colt M4A1 roll-marked lower receiver -- the real deal, with LE series serial numbers
  • Colt M4 factory "C" stamped upper receiver
  • Knights Armament KAC M4 quad RAS rail with three (3) KAC 11-rib covers
  • Matech 600m back-up rear site from Picitanny Engineering
  • Colt factory installed front side sling swivel
  • Colt ambidextrous safety selector
  • Colt / P&S Products "waffle" stock with P&S CAGE code
  • Colt "C" marked bolt carrier group with MPC marked bolt
  • Colt mil-spec charging handle
  • Colt 4 position buffer / extension tube, with Colt buffer and factory staked castle nut
  • full Colt (Hartford) factory installed lower parts and Colt A2 grip
  • fresh in factory plastic wrapping
  • Colt manual
  • Optional:  Add a Vertical Grip from Knight's or P&S Products

This is a new rifle, Colt LE6920-SOCOM limited release in 2017.  Note:  Factory box not included.  The few we have left were removed for storage, and we do acquire one or two from other dealers from time to time.

Note:  This is the from the limited release 2017 rifles, of which there were roughly 200 sold.  Do not confuse this with an HBPW or other newer or older releases.  The 2017 release had all the bells and whistles, ready for battle.

There will be more SOCOM rifles from Colt, but never another 2017 limited release with the old familiar "C" roll-mark.  This is truly a work of art and science.  Excellent product, and finely crafted.  Better than we have seen with any other production rifle.


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