M4A1 Colt Block 1.5 Carbine - Charlie's Custom Rifle Kit

Assembled to Order, Ships in 3 to 6 weeks

Colt M4A1 Block 1.5 - Charlie's Custom Rifle Kit

Bam!  When you go to the range, you will get attention with this rig.  As authentic as we could get, this is the M4A1 Block 1.5 Rifle, custom configured by Charlie's as a rifle kit.

We tried to keep this authentic, yet practical.  Lots of vintage "new old stock" (NOS) parts.  An M4A1 Block 1 or 1.5 is a must for any serious collector or cloner.  We got your 6 at Charlie's.

We ship as two parts in case you want to engrave for NFA markings.  Or, you can ask for a different muzzle device and have it pin and welded to get you to 16" overall barrel length for a small fee.  Consult with Charlie's if you want this option.  

Upper Build

  • Colt M4 (NOS) receiver, with raised C forging mark !!!
  • Colt M4 (NOS) SOCOM 14.5" barrel with "C" markings !!!!
  • Knights Armament (NOS) KAC M4 RAS with vintage KAC RAS covers (marked Knights Armament without CAGE Code)
  • Knights Armament KAC "chipped" NT4 QD flash hider*
  • Colt vintage (NOS) BCG with "C" marking, white dot bolt, MPC marked
  • Knights Armament (KAC) 300m micro flip-up rear iron sight
  • PRI M84 Gas Buster charging handle

Lower Build

  • Colt Lower Receiver, your choice of marked "US Government Property",  or standard M4 lower, both complete with A2 grip, Colt trigger and lower parts
  • Colt 4-position buffer / extension tube, made from forged 7075 aluminum
  • Colt factory M4 "waffle" stock 

This build is shown with Optional Equipment:

  • M203 Grenade Launcher from LMT:  This is a 37mm non-rifled tube that can launch only flares.  It is not a register firearm, but a great addition to your M4A1 without all the NFA hassles.  Click Here for more information
  • Aimpoint M68 CCO CompM2 refurbished model with Wilcox mount.  This is a Charlie's exclusive.  We recondition vintage M68s and bring them back to near new condition.  Click Here for more information.

Optional equipment is shown as a suggestion, and is available at an additional cost.  The Optic is an option here on this page, and the M203 is ordered on a separate page.

* on request, we can substitute for a Surefire or Dead Air flash hider.  Surefire and KAC are both clone-correct.  Ask our sales team about price differences for Surefire flash hiders.  There is likely a small up-charge.


Note:  Pictures show a full rifle, but we will ship the lower to your FFL, and the upper components to you to assemble.  The upper comes fully assembled, and the lower is fully assembled.  You are buying two parts.