Leupold TS30-A2 Mark 4 2.5-8x36mm TMR ret. Illum. riflescope 112633 for Mk12

Leupold TS30-A2 Mark 4 2.5-8x36mm  TMR ret. Illum. riflescope 112633 for Mk12

Leupold Mark 4 MR/T 2.5-8x36mm, M2, illum. TMR reticle TS-30 A2 

Note: This is the TS-30A2 scope with turret BDC for 5.56mm 77gr Mk262 Mod 0  ammunition.

This is the scope you need for your Mk12 or SAM-R clone build.  There are others very similiar, and we carry them, but for the clone aficionado, this is the Coup de grâce, and often the missing piece to an otherwise finely tuned piece of machinery that starts to resemble art.

Is a Stradivarius just a violin?  Well, a Mk12 Mod 0 or Mod 1, or a USMC SAM-R is also not just a rifle.  When only the right parts will do, you want this scope.

Also, as a update, the USMC has recently announced (March, 2018) that it will again field the TS30-A2 on its new Designated Marksman rifle, the DMR, known as the M38.  Read here:  The Firearmblog.com

At Charlie's we are working hard to find those unique items, and this is one.  In the world of Leupold scopes for the Mk12, there are a variety.  Mostly, this was due to a) NSWC Crane grabbing what they could when the need for sniper rifles grew during the War on Terror, and; b) Leupold coming up with mods at the request of Crane and SOCOM and field commands.

You can read more about the evolution of the TS30, but all share in common the 3-9x (or sometimes called the 2.5-8x) magnification in a small aperture objective lens, which just fit great for the shorter range 5.56mm cartridge.  It was lightweight, reliable and small area for reflection from the forward lens.

The Mk12 Mod0 started with the TS30 which was non-illuminated and mildot, and then came various incarnations of the TMR reticle illuminated in red.  Some of the early scopes were marked TS30A2 on the left side.  Then came the Leupold marking, then came the BDC cap for the (then) new Mk262 77 grain OTM bullet, then came the laser markings for scope mounting, and finally the tethered battery cover.  Why the laser markings?  I am not sure.  The best answer we seem to have gotten is that by the time the Mk12s (Mod0 and Mod1) were in large production, they US Military were popping-out sniper graduates like the Army Air Corps did pilots in WW-II, and when you give a 20 year old a sniper weapon... well, sometimes you have to make it stupid-proof.  Enough said, if you want to ask why the tether.  Charlie is old enough to have lived through college boys.

Anyway, we give some of this history to say:  this is the latest version of the Leupold TS30-A2.  This version came out circa 2013.  We have other TS30 scopes, all in illuminated TMR, so all 100% the same scope on the inside.  This is a mil-spec scope, and not available to the general public.  Charlie's customers are not the general public.  You are inside the circle of trust.  The other scopes that we sell vary:  with and without tether, with and without laser markings, with and without the Mk262 factory BDC turret, and so forth.  It all depends upon what you want;  how mil-spec accurate you desire, and what your budget is.  All of them are in the same general price range, but some are at the high-end and some at the low-end.  We also, from time to time, have some factory refurbished and used models, so something for everyone.

Note:  This scope is 100% factory new, but your scope may not be in a retail box. Charlie's has received these both in full retail packaging, and plain quarter-master boxes, as these were a special purchase item from Leupold, and the 112633 model is a military issue item.  These are not government surplus, but from the factory.  All paperwork, plastic lens cover caps, warranty, etc. is included.  

If we are out of stock, we do expect to get more in-stock.  Our supply is limited, but as we get these scopes in our warehouse, and get inspected (yes, we found a few that we had to send back for repair), we are making them available, so please sign-up to be notified if we are out of stock.

  • Turrets:  Mk12 5.56mm 77gr BDC
  • Battery Cap:  Tethered
  • Scope Body Mounting Alignment Hash-marks:  YES
  • Ships in either a factory box or in a white scope box with model and serial number
  • Includes Leupold factory plastic flip-caps

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from Leupold:

Designed specifically for mid range applications, the Leupold Mark 4 Mid Range Tactical Rifle Scope is ideal for competition or for tactical purposes. They feature easy to adjust tactical turrets and range estimating reticles while the 30mm tube provides greater strength and more light transmission. These scopes are completely water, fog and shockproof and come with flip up lens caps. Covered by Leupold's Full Lifetime Guarantee.




Item Condition New
Scope Weight: 16 oz.
Scope Length: 11.3"
Magnification Range: 2.5-8x
Scope Objective Diameter: 36 mm
Scope Tube Size / Mount:              30 mm
Scope Turret Adjustment: 1/2 MOA
Reticle Position: Second
Field of View: 35.5' - 13.6' @ 100 yds.
Eye Relief: 3.7" - 3"
Illuminated Reticle: yes
Scope Finish: matte black
UPC 030317126339
MPN 112633