HUXWRX Flash Hider QD 762 5/8X24 7.62/.30 Caliber

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HUXWRX Flash Hider QD 762 5/8X24

Actually, one of the better flash hiders for the price, whether you use their suppressor or not!

Designed for rifles chambered up to .30 caliber, the HUXWRX Flash Hider 7.62 QD is a muzzle device that serves the practical purpose of reducing muzzle flash and simplifying mounting of HUXWRX suppressors. This product is from the HUXWRX lineup, a brand that was formerly known as OSS. The 556 QD is at home acting as very effective flash hider, or as a mount for the HUXWRX/OSS line of suppressors. What is surprising is the level of sophistication at such a modest price.

The device is specifically engineered to accommodate a range of HUXWRX suppressors, targeting compatibility with models such as the FLOW 762 Ti, HX-QD 762, 762 Ti, and Magnum Ti. User reviews, cite the flash hider's effective performance and easy installation.


  • Muzzle Brake - Flash hider: Reduces muzzle flash effectively, enhancing visibility during firing sequences.
  • 7.62 Compatible: Utilizes a widely adopted 5/8X24 thread pattern for broad compatibility.
  • HUXWRX/OSS Suppressor Host: The 762 QD will act as a host for 7.62mm line of suppressors from HUXWRX or previous products from OSS.
  • Showcases solid construction and precise machining for a reliable build.

The HUXWRX Flash Hider's construction with 17-4 stainless steel confers strength and resistance to the elements, while its QPQ black nitride finish contributes to its prolonged service life and reduced wear. The easy-to-operate quick-detach (QD) system is a defining feature, enabling users to swiftly switch between configurations with minimal fuss and without the need for additional tools.

The flash hider has a pin hole, and can be pinned and welded to a 14-1/2" barrel to extend it to a 16" legal limit.

In operational contexts, the flash hider aims to deliver consistent performance. Feedback from customers indicates an appreciation for the device's ability to handle various firing conditions without manifesting common issues like ping or carbon lock, particularly on overgassed platforms.

While the product has met some critique regarding pricing, reflecting one aspect of consumer sentiment, overall reports trend towards a positive reception on its functionality and design quality.


Caliber 7.62mm/.30 Caliber
Attachment Type Quick Detach (QD)
Thread Specification 5/8X24 TPI
Compatible Suppressors FLOW 762 Ti, HX-QD 762, 762 Ti, Magnum Ti
Material 17-4 Stainless Steel
Finish QPQ Black Nitride
Manufacturer HUXWRX
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) 1799

 NOTE: Larger caliber mounts are NOT compatible with smaller caliber suppressors. Smaller caliber mounts ARE compatible with larger caliber suppressors.