HUXWRX, formerly known as OSS Suppressors, has a compelling history in the suppressor industry and has made significant strides in technology and design. The following overview combines their history, technological advancements, and recent developments, including a comparison with key competitors.


Technological Advancements and Materials
Flow-Through® Technology: HUXWRX's patented Flow-Through® technology is at the heart of its suppressors, effectively reducing blowback and toxic gas exposure, crucial for shooter safety and weapon performance. This technology operates by directing expanding gases away from the bore-line and out the front of the suppressor​​.


Materials: HUXWRX utilizes advanced materials like Grade 5 Titanium and 17-4 Stainless Steel in their suppressors. The use of 3D printing technology with these materials allows for complex internal structures, enhancing the suppressor's functionality and durability​​​​​​.


Company History and Evolution
Foundation and Innovation: HUXWRX, initiated as OSS Suppressors in 2009, introduced the first Flow-Through® suppressor. This technology was a game-changer, offering superior sound suppression without adversely affecting weapon systems, leading to widespread adoption by military units and law enforcement agencies worldwide​​.
Focus on Safety: In 2020, OSS Suppressors began extensive testing of their patented Flow-Through® suppressors against traditional baffle suppressors, particularly for toxic blowback. Their findings revealed that traditional baffle suppressors emitted significantly more toxic gases (such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and ammonia) towards the shooter compared to Flow-Through® suppressors​​.


Rebranding and Dedication to Safety: In 2021, the company rebranded to HUXWRX Safety Company, reflecting a renewed commitment to building dedicated safety systems. The rebranding emphasized the company's dedication to user safety and health without compromising efficiency or performance​​.

Market Position and Competitors
HUXWRX and CGS are considered leaders in utilizing new materials and additive manufacturing, while companies like Griffin and Dead Air are more conventional but popular names in the suppressor market. Surefire is known for its strong presence in military rifles, and Thunder Beast is favored in long-range shooting. This varied landscape shows the diverse approaches and specializations within the suppressor industry, with HUXWRX maintaining a unique position due to its focus on Flow-Through® technology and user safety.

Recent Developments
Introduction of HUB-Compatible Suppressors (2023): In 2023, HUXWRX introduced the VENTUM 762, a significant evolution in their product line. This model is compatible with universal 1.375×24 mounting devices, indicating a shift from their traditional designs around proprietary muzzle brakes. This HUB-compatible design marks a new phase for HUXWRX, offering more versatility and compatibility with various firearms​​.


Independent Testing  

PEW Science, an independent testing laboratory specializing in firearm silencer sound research, has conducted thorough evaluations of HUXWRX suppressors, particularly the FLOW 762 Ti, which did well against its peers.


In conclusion, HUXWRX has carved out a niche in the suppressor industry with its innovative technology, focusing on user safety and the use of advanced materials. The company's evolution from OSS Suppressors to HUXWRX reflects its commitment to safety and performance. The introduction of HUB-compatible designs in 2023 showcases its adaptability and forward-thinking approach, keeping it at the forefront of suppressor technology and design.